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Jordan Harbinger - The Art Of Charm


The Art of Charm co-founder Jordan Harbinger describes the creation of his popular Pickup Podcast and how it has evolved into building social confidence for business too, how on Wall Street he used the “JFK test” to hire employees, why a person can have value without having money, and his uncanny acuity for social engineering.


“I think it’s awesome you started doing this stuff with our show.” – Jordan (01:32)

“I was a finance attorney on Wall Street and it’s a little bit less fun that having your own talkshow.” – Jordan (01:50)

“Do you find doing business in New York different from L.A.?” – Brian (06:01)

“I hate saying the word losers because it’s so mean but it’s kinda true.” – Jordan (08:18)

“The Pickup Podcast was me and AJ talking about our dating lives.” – Jordan (13:21)

“I wish one of the girls I really liked would pick me. What are you talking about, it’s the other way around.” – Jordan (14:05)

“A lot of people think I don’t have any value because I don’t have any money.” – Jordan (25:48)

“If I had to be stuck at JFK airport for 7 straight hours at a layover would I want it to be this guy or that guy?” – Jordan (31:49)
“I don’t one somebody who’s going to come in for a week and be a weirdo or hate women or be negative or be annoying or be a dick.” – Jordan (46:22
“I don’t want somebody who wants to compete on price because that means they see our value as here and their value as here.” – Jordan (49:34)
“We’re not creating a robot we’re just bringing out your personality.” – Jordan (51:30


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