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Jordan Harbinger - The Art Of Charm


In this his first London Real appearance, “The Art of Charm” co-founder Jordan Harbinger describes the creation of his popular podcast and how it has evolved into building social confidence for business too, how on Wall Street he used the “JFK test” to hire employees and his uncanny acuity for social engineering.

Born on June 26, 1978, in Detroit, Michigan, Jordan Harbinger’s journey toward becoming a leading voice in personal development began with a passion for understanding social dynamics and effective communication. Armed with a law degree from the University of Michigan, Harbinger’s early career in Wall Street law laid the groundwork for what would later become his mission – helping individuals master the art of charm and connection.

In 2006, Harbinger co-founded “The Art of Charm,” a platform dedicated to teaching social dynamics, confidence-building, and effective communication skills. The success of The Art of Charm podcast and programs showcased Harbinger’s natural ability to connect with audiences seeking to enhance their interpersonal skills. The podcast, in particular, became a hub for insightful conversations on everything from body language to networking strategies.

What sets Jordan Harbinger apart is the calibre of guests and the depth of the conversations. Harbinger’s interview style, characterised by insightful questions and genuine curiosity, elicits profound insights from thought leaders, experts, and successful individuals across various fields. From entrepreneurs and authors to scientists and celebrities, each episode offers a unique perspective on personal and professional growth.

Harbinger’s approach to personal development is grounded in practical wisdom and actionable advice. Listeners of Jordan’s show not only gain valuable insights but also receive tangible strategies they can apply to enhance their lives immediately. Harbinger’s commitment to delivering content that goes beyond inspiration, focusing on real-world application, has cultivated a loyal and engaged audience.

At the heart of Jordan Harbinger’s teachings is the emphasis on networking as an essential skill in the digital age. Through his podcast and various platforms, he imparts the art of building authentic connections, nurturing relationships, and leveraging these networks for personal and professional success. His teachings resonate with individuals navigating the challenges of a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The Art of Charm’s impact extends globally, reaching millions of listeners hungry for knowledge and personal growth. Harbinger has fostered a sense of community through his engaging social media presence, live events, and interactive platforms. This sense of connection among his audience reflects the power of his message and the genuine impact he has on lives around the world.

Jordan Harbinger’s journey from a Wall Street attorney to a respected authority in personal development and communication signifies the transformative potential of following one’s passion. Through his online work, he continues to shape the narrative around effective communication, networking, and the intricacies of human connection. Harbinger’s legacy lies not only in the insights he shares but in the ripple effect of positive change he ignites in individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of life with authenticity and purpose.


“I think it’s awesome you started doing this stuff with our show.” – Jordan (01:32)

“I was a finance attorney on Wall Street and it’s a little bit less fun that having your own talkshow.” – Jordan (01:50)

“Do you find doing business in New York different from L.A.?” – Brian (06:01)

“I hate saying the word losers because it’s so mean but it’s kinda true.” – Jordan (08:18)

“The Pickup Podcast was me and AJ talking about our dating lives.” – Jordan (13:21)

“I wish one of the girls I really liked would pick me. What are you talking about, it’s the other way around.” – Jordan (14:05)

“A lot of people think I don’t have any value because I don’t have any money.” – Jordan (25:48)

“If I had to be stuck at JFK airport for 7 straight hours at a layover would I want it to be this guy or that guy?” – Jordan (31:49)
“I don’t one somebody who’s going to come in for a week and be a weirdo or hate women or be negative or be annoying or be a dick.” – Jordan (46:22
“I don’t want somebody who wants to compete on price because that means they see our value as here and their value as here.” – Jordan (49:34)
“We’re not creating a robot we’re just bringing out your personality.” – Jordan (51:30


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