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Watch > Episode > Jordan Belfort - The Wolf of Wall Street: Why Cryptocurrency is the Great Equaliser

Jordan Belfort - The Wolf of Wall Street: Why Cryptocurrency is the Great Equaliser


The Real Wolf Of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort is an American entrepreneur, speaker, author, former stockbroker, and the real Wolf of Wall Street.

I am delighted to be joined on the show once again by Jordan Belfort, a man known to many as the Wolf of Wall Street, and someone who continues to lead a remarkable life, from his debauched days making a fortune selling penny stocks at his investment operation Stratton Oakmont to his time in prison, before becoming a bestselling author and celebrated motivational speaker.

Jordan Belfort is a former stockbroker and salesman extraordinaire turned author and now NFT enthusiast.

Back in 1999, Jordan pled guilty to fraud in connection with the penny-stock scam he was running from a boiler room in Long Island, a scam which ultimately catapulted him into the mainstream consciousness. Jordan, a born salesman with a penchant for the high life and an almost effortless ability to generate money, had approximately 1,000 staff working under his direction. 

He was sentenced to 22 months prison time in exchange for a plea deal with the FBI for running pump-and-dump schemes that led to investor losses of a staggering $200 million. It made headline news and sent shockwaves through the financial district of lower Manhattan, but in reality, it was only the first half of the story.

That narrative was extended as Jordan whiled away the hours of his incarceration at the Taft Correctional Institution in California. The pages read like a work of fiction but immediately captured the imagination of publishers and Hollywood film execs alike. It didn’t take long before proposals were being drafted for a big-screen adaptation.

The book was a bestseller and the Martin Scorsese directed movie that followed, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, made a cool $400 million at the box office, as Jordan’s tale of excess led to him becoming a household name the world over. 

Today, Jordan openly and deeply regrets the money he lost those clients back in the 90s when he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. His previously carefree attitude to the harm he might cause his more naive investors has been replaced with one of remorse.  

Jordan has made it his life’s work to educate others on the perils and pitfalls of fraudulent financial trading. He’s travelled the world speaking to captivated audiences about the techniques he used to close a sale – or for the more financially literate The Straight Line System – and how to use this in a legitimate, positive and more ethical way across a range of industries and in everyday life.

He has also become an outspoken voice in the realm of cryptocurrency and an enthusiastic advocate for NFTs and the value they bring both to investors and creators alike. In 2017 Jordan’s views on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin sounded alarm bells for earlier investors as he pointed to the potential for fraudulent behaviour – something of which he knows more than most. 

Fast forward to 2021 and Jordan has come full circle. 

He has become more than a blockchain finance passive observer, instead believing passionately in the virtues of bluechip cryptos and NFTs. He has a long and bullish outlook on Bitcoin and has thrown his weight behind a number of NFT projects, even becoming a leading investor in the Metaverse.

For Jordan, cryptocurrency represents “the great equaliser”, as fundamentally it requires little, if any, of the knowledge and systems employed by Wall St in their closed shop world of investment and brokerage. It’s an opportunity for the everyman, a chance for those not too dissimilar to a young Jordan Belfort to get in on the action and generate the kind of wealth they had previously only dreamed of. 

With more than a touch of irony, he is also a major advocate for regulation, which he believes will protect people from nefarious projects while simultaneously putting to bed what he calls the s**t coins that offer little to no tangible objective other than to remove people from their hard-earned cash.

It’s always a pleasure to spend time in the company of Jordan. He is an incredible character who has squeezed more into his years so far than many could in multiple lifetimes.

His vast experience of the financial systems and infrastructure coupled with his knowledge of the regulatory authorities make him the perfect sparring partner for a chat on all things crypto and DeFi.  

It is conversations such as this one that has helped my team and I gain even greater clarity on our desire to bring the opportunities that decentralised finance and the blockchain industry can bring to billions of people around the globe.

After all, mainstream adoption is the key to a diverse and thriving ecosystem, and with every passing month, more and more people are seeking out a way to get involved 

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  1. Regulation will make Bitcoin explode
  2. The frauds in the crypto space
  3. This is why we need regulation
  4. I hated the narrative around Bitcoin
  5. Bitcoin doesn’t act like money
  6. The financial future is in DeFi
  7. The banks will be a part of this
  8. Why not all stablecoins are stable
  9. The dollar is not safe anymore
  10. Why I spent $140,000 on an NFT
  11. Why sales skills are still key
  12. This will be disruptive to everything
  13. Blockchain is a great financing tool


00:00 | Trailer.
02:42 | Brian’s introduction.
03:44 | Why has the Wolf of Wall Street gone all in on Crypto, DeFi and NFTs?
09:08 | Why fraud bothers Jordan Belfort, what it does to the industry and why even he is calling for regulation and prosecution.
18:55 | How Jordan Belfort’s initial surprise at the way Bitcoin had been allowed unregulated, blinded him to its potential.
25:30 | Jordan Belfort says nobody knows the price of the asset in the future: how he sees the future of Bitcoin.
29:01 | Has he ever seen an asset so volatile and is the general investor able to emotionally cope with that volatility?
33:48 | Jordan Belfort on Ethereum.
38:03 | What is it about DeFi that excites Jordan?
40:45 | How can the banks deal with crypto and will they disallow people performing transactions.
45:27 | What regulatory system does Jordan Belfort foresee?
48:18 | Jordan Belfort on stable coins.
56:47 | Fiat currencies are going to die one day… what does Jordan tell his followers about the Dollar?
1:05:33 | Why he hasn’t yet dropped his NFTs and what he sees as the future for NFTs.
1:08:54 | Jordan spent $140,000 of Ethereum on Crypto Punk, why did he buy it and was it true someone offered him more for it just after he bought it and what did he learn from this?
1:11:59 | The Wolf of Wall Street game that Jordan Belfort intends releasing.
1:16:24 | Jordan is a great in-person salesperson, does he think there is a need for his talents in the digital currency world?
1:20:11 | Jordan became famous in The Wolf of Wall Street movie for his excess lifestyle, now his persona is the opposite, how has he managed that transformation?
1:26:18 | Is he solely invested in Blockchain?
1:27:21 | Why the Blockchain is so amazing for raising money.
1:29:36 | How to follow Jordan Belfort, and his final thoughts.
1:33:11 | Brian’s summing up.


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