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Watch > Episode > Joonatan Lintala - No More Censorship: A Social Media Platform With True Freedom of Speech

Joonatan Lintala - No More Censorship: A Social Media Platform With True Freedom of Speech


CEO of Phaver, The Gateway To Web3 Social

Here at London Real we invest in cutting-edge, digital asset ecosystem protocols through our investment arm, London Real Ventures.

In doing so we search out the hottest, game-changing protocols, be it from the world Artificial Intelligence or Web3 and everything in between. This brings me into direct contact with some of the pioneers in the space and the talented individuals you’ll be hearing a lot about in the years to come.

Today’s guest is very much at the tip of the spear when it comes to Web3 and blockchain development. Joonatan Lintala is an investor, business leader and entrepreneur, who is the CEO and co-founder of Phaver.

Phaver is best described as the gateway to Web3 social, and leading something of a revolutionary concept when it comes to our online profiles and how we interact with the world.

Phaver takes the best aspects of mainstream social media with the added benefit of full ownership and control, while incentivising users through access to the largest Web3 social graphs of Lens and CyberConnect.

Having full ownership of one’s social graph, on the protocol level, through a decentralised profile secured by the blockchain is a gamechanger and removes the uncertain and often fractious relationship many people experience when it comes to their online social existence through the traditional mainstream offerings.

To date, Phaver’s app has received more than 250,000 downloads as the platform gets to work helping users cultivate their reputations within and across decentralised social networks, rewarding them with off-chain points for each constructive contribution they make to the platform.

Their vision is to capture the opportunity of building a more meritocratic and user-owned internet.

“We’re on a mission to help onboard the next billion people onto blockchain and Web3 through decentralised social. Phaver DAO will allow us to share majority of the ownership in the platform with the people who actually make the platform – the active users, while building an in-app token economy that rewards every single user in relation to the value they produce to others.”

Before founding Phaver, Joonatan spent nearly a decade in Web2 advertising at Google and a leading Facebook marketing partner, but says he is now making amends by building a more ethical future for social media.

Joonatan believes that decentralisation, ownership and privacy must be at the forefront of the evolving digital landscape and hopes that by democratising social media, users will be at the heart of it’s evolution.

“For most people their online social lives surpass their offline ones and social media is a bigger source of news than news media, while all this is controlled globally by only a few people with almost unlimited power.”

When it comes to NFTs, Joonatan explains there is a genuinely interoperable method of ownership in the internet, which will have implications beyond just speculative art pieces or alternative currencies.

I’m really looking forward to this one, Joonatan’s a charismatic leader with a clear goal that could potentially benefit everyone of us.

The issue of ownership and control when it comes to our digital identity is so important and something more people need to think about. We must not cede anymore control to the big tech conglomerates.

Joonatan and his team are determined to make sure that fairness and transparency are the core features of Web3 SocialFi.

“I often get asked whether I want to become the next Mark Zuckerberg, but actually my goal both personally and professionally is to ensure nobody will be.”

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  6. Why Facebook’s Threads failed
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  10. Phaver and SwissBorg tokenize the future
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  13. Social media’s dark side
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