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Watch > Episode > Jon Morgan - Director Of The Theatres Trust: Why The Government Should Support Theatres In These Challenging Times

Jon Morgan - Director Of The Theatres Trust: Why The Government Should Support Theatres In These Challenging Times


Former Director Of Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Jon Morgan is the current Director of the Theatres Trust in Britain since 2017, a national advisory public body for theatres and is a former director of both the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Federation for Scottish Theatre.

The organisation’s mission is to protect and promote Britain’s theatre buildings, ensuring their survival and ongoing use as performance spaces, which has been made nearly impossible, due to restrictions imposed during the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

The Theatre Trust also successfully lobbied for changes to planning law which will provide extra protections to prevent vacant theatres from being demolished or irreversibly changed into other uses before the sector has had time to recover.

The organisation is also fundraising to increase their grant-giving capacity and will be targeting grants to help theatres with reopening costs in due course.

Jon has called for “urgent support” from the government, and has been at the forefront of discussions around ways to protect British culture and this crucial industry that brings in £2.7 billion pounds annually to the UK economy.

Jon also highlighted that “Our grants programme is relatively modest and given the historic under-investment in our nation’s theatres over the last 30 years, the shortfall is huge. Theatres are going to need a real injection of cash post-COVID to ensure our theatres remain fit for purpose…. We must ensure that the UK’s wonderful network of over 1,100 theatres large and small, old and new, can be saved and serve their communities once again.”

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1. Why Has The Theatre Sector Been So Neglected
2. What Social Distancing Measures Can Theatres Takes To Re-open
3. How Can Theatres Push Forward To Re-open For The Public
4. What Theatre Brings To The Culture Of London
5. Ways To Save The Theatre Industry
6. How To Find A Balance Between The Economy And Science
7. Theatre Is A Human Need, It’s Our Second Nature


00:00 | Trailer.
00:58 | Brian’s introduction.
02:59 | More popular than attending football matches, theatre industry facing difficulty getting back into operation.
09:03 | Seemingly contradictory COVID-19 infection preventative measures preventing Theatre performances.
14:26 | The importance of culture to town and city centres.
18:25 | Looking for a way forward towards opening theatres.
24:20 | The outlook for 2021.
28:41 | The importance of critical mass in cities for theatres.
34:47 | Three things Jon Morgan would do if, for three days, he were Mayor of London or on the Cultural Secretary’s team.
37:41 | What Jon Morgan would like to ask the public to do in support of theatres.
39:51 | Striking a balance between isolation and living without concern, to lead a safe enough life..
45:29 | Why Jon Morgan is hopeful for a future return to theatres.
47:42 | Brian’s summary


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