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Jon Bradford - Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship through Techstars


Jon Bradford is a Managing Director at TechStars, one of the top startup accelerators in the world. They provide companies with $18,000 of funding and a 13 week “Boot Camp” in exchange for a 6% equity stake in seven cities worldwide, and with over 300 companies completing their program, their innovative approach has proven to be hugely popular.

With special guest host, legendary Bitcoin evangelist Max Keiser joining Brian Rose, this conversation offers a compelling window into the world of technology micro-investment which is not to be missed!

As a seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor, Jon Bradford has been at the forefront of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within the tech industry. Best known for his influential role with Techstars, a globally renowned startup accelerator, Bradford’s commitment to supporting and mentoring early-stage companies has left an indelible mark on the startup landscape.

Jon Bradford’s journey in the world of startups began with his own entrepreneurial endeavours. He co-founded several companies, showcasing an early penchant for innovation and business. Bradford’s firsthand experience in navigating the challenges of launching and scaling startups laid the foundation for his later role as a mentor and investor.

Jon Bradford’s significant impact on the startup ecosystem is closely tied to his association with Techstars. Techstars is a global startup accelerator and venture capital firm that provides mentorship, funding, and resources to early-stage companies. Bradford joined Techstars as the Managing Director of the London program, bringing his wealth of experience and insights to guide and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.

One of the key aspects of Techstars’ model is its emphasis on mentorship. Under Jon Bradford’s leadership, the London program became a hub for innovative startups seeking guidance and support. Bradford’s mentorship extended beyond the conventional realms of business strategy, touching on aspects of resilience, leadership, and adaptability—crucial elements for startups navigating the challenges of a dynamic market.

During his tenure with Techstars, Jon Bradford played a pivotal role in expanding the organisation’s global footprint. His efforts went beyond individual mentorship, encompassing the creation of a thriving ecosystem that connected startups with mentors, investors, and industry experts. Bradford’s vision was instrumental in establishing Techstars as a catalyst for innovation on an international scale.

Jon Bradford’s influence extends beyond his work with Techstars. As an angel investor, he has supported numerous startups by providing not just capital but also strategic guidance. His portfolio reflects a diverse range of companies across various sectors, showcasing Bradford’s belief in the transformative power of innovation.

In addition to his work with Techstars, Jon Bradford has been involved in educational initiatives aimed at nurturing entrepreneurial talent. Through speaking engagements, workshops, and industry events, Bradford shares his insights and experiences, contributing to the educational fabric of the startup ecosystem.

Jon Bradford’s contributions to Techstars and the broader startup community have played a crucial role in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape. His advocacy for mentorship, emphasis on resilience, and commitment to fostering innovation have influenced countless startups, contributing to the evolution of a more dynamic and supportive ecosystem.

Jon Bradford’s journey from entrepreneur to mentor and investor reflects a deep commitment to the principles of innovation, mentorship, and community-building within the startup ecosystem. Through his work with Techstars and beyond, Bradford has left an enduring legacy, inspiring and guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs. As the startup landscape continues to evolve, Jon Bradford’s influence remains a testament to the transformative power of mentorship and the collaborative spirit that defines successful startup ecosystems.



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