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Jon Anik - Calling the UFC


UFC commentator Jon Anik joins host Brian Rose in studio to talk about his whirlwind first year working for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, how he has transitioned from being a journalist at ESPN to a promoter at the UFC and why becoming a father has drastically altered his formerly self-centred outlook on life.

Born on August 3, 1978, in Beverly, Massachusetts, Jon Anik’s journey into sports broadcasting was influenced by his early love for various athletic pursuits. Anik excelled in both baseball and hockey during his youth, showcasing a natural aptitude for sports. His passion for sports commentary and broadcasting led him to pursue a degree in journalism from Syracuse University.

Jon Anik’s broadcasting career gained momentum when he joined ESPN in 2006. Initially working on various shows and assignments, Anik quickly made a name for himself with his professionalism, on-air presence, and versatility. His work at ESPN covered a wide range of sports, showcasing his ability to adapt to different disciplines and events.

In 2011, Jon Anik’s career took a significant turn when he joined the UFC as a commentator. This move marked a pivotal moment in his broadcasting journey, as he transitioned into the fast-paced and dynamic world of mixed martial arts. Anik’s deep appreciation for the sport, coupled with his broadcasting acumen, made him a seamless fit for the UFC’s high-profile events.

Jon Anik’s distinctive voice became synonymous with the UFC, earning him the title of “The Voice of the Octagon.” His articulate commentary and in-depth analysis added a new layer of excitement and understanding for UFC fans. Whether calling the action during a championship bout or providing pre- and post-fight insights, Anik’s contributions became an integral part of the UFC viewing experience.

One of Jon Anik’s strengths as a commentator lies in his technical expertise and deep understanding of the intricacies of mixed martial arts. His ability to break down complex techniques, strategies, and fighter backgrounds enhances the overall narrative of each bout. Anik’s professionalism and respectful approach have also fostered positive relationships with fighters, further solidifying his credibility within the MMA community.

In addition to his role as a commentator, Jon Anik has expanded his responsibilities within the UFC. He has hosted various shows, including “UFC Ultimate Insider,” providing fans with behind-the-scenes glimpses and exclusive interviews. Anik’s versatility and willingness to take on diverse roles highlight his commitment to enriching the overall UFC experience for fans.

Jon Anik’s contributions to the UFC have not gone unnoticed, with fans and industry peers alike expressing appreciation for his work. His professionalism, knowledge, and genuine enthusiasm for the sport have made him a beloved figure in the MMA community. Anik’s commentary has become an integral part of the UFC brand, contributing to the overall success of the organisation.

Jon Anik’s journey from a sports broadcaster to “The Voice of the Octagon” exemplifies the convergence of passion, expertise, and adaptability. His role in shaping the narrative of UFC events, providing technical insights, and building positive relationships within the MMA community showcase his significance in the sport. As Jon Anik continues to be a driving force behind the UFC’s commentary team, his legacy as a respected voice in mixed martial arts broadcasting remains firmly established.


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