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John P Morgan - The Magnetic Man


John P. Morgan Jr. explains how everyone must go on a journey in life into the unknown, why our perceptions very often differ from reality, how The Magnetic Man is not an acquisitional dating model but focusses on attraction naturally and authentically, and why people must simply play the cards we’ve been dealt.

“I think the value of personal development is getting different ways of seeing the world, different perspectives.” – John (02:29)

“The way we see the world isn’t actually how the world is. Our perception is not the reality.” – John (03:05)

“The hero’s journey is a Joseph Campbell idea that everyone goes on a journey in their life and they have to venture into the unknown.” – John (04:22)

“I think deep down people do understand that you have to step outside your comfort zone to grow and experience new things.” – John (05:05)

“I was just curious what the Magnetic Man is like and how it differers from Daygame?” – Brian (12:38)

“We’re about focussing on a man and creating a man who’s attractive naturally and authentically.” – John (13:00)

“The problem with all of the acquisitional dating models out there is that they all come from a place of need.” – John (14:31)

“Ultimately the nice guys are super creepy because they want to get laid just as much as the other guys.” – Nic (19:56)

“You can have all the stuff that you want without going out and doing search and destroy dating.” – John (25:33)

“We should shoot London Real in the dark some day. That’s what iTunes is.” – Nic & Brian (32:05)

“BRose that Ayahuasca’s definitely done something to you because you used a phrase like “open your heart.” – Nic (42:24)

“You’re dealt a certain number of cards in this life man and just play your hand.” – John (53:38)


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