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Dr Joe Dispenza - Unlocking The Human Mind: How To Rewrite Your Story

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00:00 | Trailer
02:36 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:51 | Brian’s introduction
04:17 | Dr Joe Dispenza has a busy schedule traveling to spread knowledge of his work
05:50 | How uncomfortable do you have to become for you to make up you mind to change something
10:11 | Joe prefers to ignore the world’s anger, as portrayed in the media, to focus on helping people change
21:04 | Joe spends time at the beginning of each day creating a positive future mindset
34:48 | Testimonial stories substantiate claims, but will there be a documentary, or written scientific evidence
43:30 | Focusing away from improving for personal gain to one of wholeness and giving back to our species
52:24 | Does he believe there is a future, or has it already happened
1:03:49 | Why Brian in his Ayahuasca ceremonies sees all that Joe is talking about
1:10:24 | Brian needs to reconsider his story that the divorce of his parents has affected him throughout life
1:22:00 | Joe is more mystified and surprised that even he can’t believe what they are witnessing
1:22:39 | Success secrets
1:23:04 | Advice to Brian as he prepares to talk to his parents about their divorce
1:23:53 | Best way to find out about Joe’s work
1:25:25 | What if the worst thing that happened to you becomes the best thing that happened to you
1:25:26 | Brian’s summing up.


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