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Watch > Episode > Dr Joe Dispenza - Unlocking The Human Mind: How To Rewrite Your Story

Dr Joe Dispenza - Unlocking The Human Mind: How To Rewrite Your Story


The titles author, researcher, and lecturer don’t quite cover it when it comes to describing the work of Dr Joe Dispenza.

His life’s work has revolved around the inner workings of the human brain and the power that it wields. However, he leans toward unconventional methods that teach people how to rewire their brains, so that they can rewrite their own life story.

The First Part of Change is Knowing That It is Not Just Possible — It’s in Your Control

If the work of Joe Dispenza could be summed up in one word, that word would be “change”.

Too many people walk around thinking that their life just is the way that it is and that they have no control over it. To the contrary, Dispenza consistently tells people that “the neurons that fire together, wire together”.

Your brain neurons “fire”, or activate whenever you have thoughts. It is set up to solve problems and make connections. So if you show your brain confirmation, affirmation, or evidence of the life you want to live, you will begin to change your thought process and your life as a whole.

Knowing this on a scientific level makes it easier for you to believe that you really can rewrite your story.

Shifting the Focus of Your Energy and Giving

When Joe Dispenza sat down as a guest, he urged people to shift their focus so that they can see paradigm changes that are impactful.

For instance, he says to move forward with your goals not just for your personal success, but with the mindset that you are giving back to humankind. When you operate from a space of giving, you’ll have far less anxiety and doubt. This moves the ego out of the equation and lets you be your true self.

Living by these principles is so impactful that Joe Dispenza has created rituals to follow each and every morning. With these rituals, he cultivates a mindset of positivity. By setting these intentions early in the day, it naturally allows for abundant thinking throughout the rest of the day.

Joe Dispenza is Trying to Spread His Message

One of the biggest parts of Joe Dispenza’s message is that we are all in this together. No matter what background differences people have, we all want to live our greatest story and affect one another.

Because of this, Dispenza doesn’t give much time or energy to the fear and anger that we see in our mainstream media outlets. Instead, he chooses to focus on how he can create positive changes and wake people up to their own potential.

Rewrite Your Story to Live the Life of Your Dreams

If you want to rewrite your story it’s up to you to change the way that you think. Joe Dispenza has made a living helping people do just this, and his research on this subject is fascinating.

Our thought life controls so much about us, so Dispenza’s findings might be just what you need to take some of that control back.

Keep this in mind and check back for more information to help you with your personal growth journey.


00:00 | Trailer
02:36 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:51 | Brian’s introduction
04:17 | Dr Joe Dispenza has a busy schedule traveling to spread knowledge of his work
05:50 | How uncomfortable do you have to become for you to make up you mind to change something
10:11 | Joe prefers to ignore the world’s anger, as portrayed in the media, to focus on helping people change
21:04 | Joe spends time at the beginning of each day creating a positive future mindset
34:48 | Testimonial stories substantiate claims, but will there be a documentary, or written scientific evidence
43:30 | Focusing away from improving for personal gain to one of wholeness and giving back to our species
52:24 | Does he believe there is a future, or has it already happened
1:03:49 | Why Brian in his Ayahuasca ceremonies sees all that Joe is talking about
1:10:24 | Brian needs to reconsider his story that the divorce of his parents has affected him throughout life
1:22:00 | Joe is more mystified and surprised that even he can’t believe what they are witnessing
1:22:39 | Success secrets
1:23:04 | Advice to Brian as he prepares to talk to his parents about their divorce
1:23:53 | Best way to find out about Joe’s work
1:25:25 | What if the worst thing that happened to you becomes the best thing that happened to you
1:25:26 | Brian’s summing up.


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