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Jim Rogers - Follow The Money $$$

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When Jim Rogers shows up with that Southern drawl and Seersucker suit, you know some Investing science is about to be dropped on your dome.

Jim Rogers has been there and done that.  He co-founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros in 1973 which later became one of the most successful funds ever created returning over $32 Billion to its investors over the decades.Retiring from Wall Street at age 37, he rode his motorcycle across China from 1990-1992 before ANYONE was talking about China and wrote the bestselling book “Investment Biker” describing his journey.  He is legit, I remember the Wall Street traders talking Jim up when I started my career at Bankers Trust in 1993.Since then he’s circumnavigated the globe  and become very bullish on agriculture, commodities, China, Russian, and, wait for it, North Korea!  Jim likes to look at his investments on a very long time horizon.  As he tells me on the show, “no matter what you think is true today it’s  going to be the case in 15 years.”Please join me in welcoming the one, the only, Mr. Jim Rogers.

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