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Jean-Claude Biver - Hublot Trailblazer & CEO: The Wizard Of Swiss Watchmaking


JC's Watch Collection & Cheese Making

Jean-Claude Biver the luxury watchmaker, lecturer, businessman and cheesemaker.

Across his 40 year career he has led some of the world’s leading watch brands including Omega, Hublot and Tag Heuer, with many describing him as the man who “single handedly saved the watch industry”.

Jean-Claude Biver is currently serving as a non-executive chairman of the LVMH watch division, responsible for Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, and now spends his time sharing his wisdom and experience through lectures and interviews, in an attempt to inspire future generations of innovators.


00:00 | Trailer.
02:40 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
03:43 | Brian’s introduction.
04:20 | Jean-Claude’s enthusiasm for the art of watchmaking.
13:32 | The watch is not just a piece of machinery, nor a piece of art, but a connection to eternity.
16:30 | Why Big Bang was the name chosen for the evolutionary watch that changed the fortunes of Hublot.
26:27 | Why Jean-Claude says the 21st Century will not start until 2030 onwards.
30:38 | Be first, be different and be unique.
33:53 | Generational perception of what makes a luxury product.
38:24 | The marketing lessons Jean-Claude learnt from a new marketing idea.
46:46 | The company culture required to encourage innovation.
49:35 | You make your own luck.
51:17 | Don’t let ambition make you impatient and why he makes and gives presents of his own cheese.
56:36 | How Jean-Claude did not see the development of the quartz watch as a threat to watchmaking.
1:04:43 | Why Jean-Claude speaks to the dead and the mountains.
1:14:06 | Jean-Claude’s work ethic.
1:22:22 | How to find your passion.
1:26:17 | Why he is giving back so much now.
1:29:33 | The future of the watchmaking industry.
1:31:08 | Why he collects Patek Phillipe watches.
1:33:44 | His project, hope, plan, vision and doubt for the future.
1:36:01 | The watch he is wearing.
1:39:27 | Jean-Claude’s superpower.
1:40:38 | The best and worst days of his life.
1:43:37 | What scares him.
1:44:09 | What keeps him awake at night.
1:44:50 | What he thinks of the world today.
1:46:13 | Success secrets.
1:49:31 | The best advice he has ever received.
1:50:35 | Advice to the young person listening who will be the future.
1:53:09 | Brian’s summing up.


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