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Watch > Episode > Jay Shetty - Think Like A Monk: How To Reach Your Full Potential In Life By Mastering Your Mind

Jay Shetty - Think Like A Monk: How To Reach Your Full Potential In Life By Mastering Your Mind


Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, Former Monk & Purpose Coach

Jay Shetty is a British vlogger, author, podcast host, former monk & motivational speaker. He has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, A Little Late With Lilly Singh & the Today Show to discuss mental health and life purpose.

Aged 22, Jay travelled to India and spent three years living as a monk. He meditated for up to 8 hours a day and experimented with food and water fasts to train the mind.

Jay now shares his teachings with audiences around the world, with the mission to “Make Wisdom Go Viral”. He has been included in Forbes 30 Under 30 for being a game-changer in the world of media, been featured on the BBC, and spoken to audiences at Google, Nasdaq, HSBC.

His videos have accumulated over 7.5 billion views, and through his podcast ‘On Purpose’, he has interviewed Deepak Chopra, Kobe Bryant, and Tim Ferriss amongst others.

Jay’s upcoming book “Think Like A Monk”, distils the timeless wisdom he learned as a monk into practical steps anyone can follow every day to live a more meaningful life.

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1. Leaving The ‘Monk Life’
2. From Punk To Monk
3. Service To Others Is The Way
4. What It Was Like To Learn From Monks
5. No One Wants To Hire A Monk
6. Losing My Fear Of Fear
7. Create An Unique And Different Experience
8. Give People A Second Chance
9. Real Life VS Digital Media
10. Dealing With Criticism Online
11. The Life Of Service
12. Getting To Know Yourself
13. Relationships Advice


0:00 | London Real Introduction
1:00 | Brian introduces Jay Shetty
2:30 | Brian talks about the first time he met Jay Shetty
4:45 | Brian discusses meeting Radhanath Swami
5:00 | Brian asks Jay when he decided not be a monk anymore
8:41 | Jay discusses growing up in London, and the moment he chose to become a monk
13:40 | The day Jay went to see a monk speak in University
19:00 | Jay discusses his time at the monastery
23:05 | Jay discusses the difficulties he faced in the monastery
26:20 | His first month after leaving the monastery and moving back in with his parents
29:00 | Jay discusses how he started talking to companies about mindfulness and mediation
32:49 | Jay discusses overcoming fear during the pandemic
43:46 | Jay discusses how important perspective is during this pandemic
47:00 | Brian asks Jay about cancel culture, divisiveness and increased political turmoil
51:50 | Jay discusses taking accountability
53:03 | Jay and Brian discuss how digital media communication lacks compassion
1:00:54 | Jay discusses how he deals with criticism
1:13:10 | Jay and Brian discuss the importance of being of service to people
1:23:30 | Jay discusses his favorite quote and Charles Horton Cooley’s looking glass self
1:29:18 | Brian asks Jay about relationships and getting married
1:32:45 | Jay discusses Harvard’s emotional vocabulary table
1:35:15 | Jay talks about writing his first book
1:37:13 | Brian asks Jay what he’ll be doing in 2025
1:39:30 | What scares Jay
1:42:00 | Jay talks about his love for soccer
1:43:28 | What keeps Jay awake at night
1:43:43 | Advice to his younger self and best advice he’s ever received
1:56:20 | Brian sums up


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