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James Rickards - The Road To Ruin


The Next Financial Crash

James Rickards is an American lawyer, financial commentator and precious metals expert. He has authored multiple best-selling bookings, including The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis.

The Road to Ruin

This week on the show I’m extremely excited to welcome the American financial expert and author of four New York Times best selling books, James Rickards.

His latest book is called “The Road to Ruin” and it is the global elite’s secret plan for the next financial crisis. And the reason I like James is because he’s been there and done that.

He was part of a hedge fund called Long Term Capital, that I used to trade derivatives with when I was in Wall Street in the 90’s. He took that fund from a billion dollars up to 7 billion, and then the whole thing collapsed. So he’s seen when a financial market and traders go wrong.

James has worked with two Nobel Prize winning professors, and a lot of PhDs but he’s seen what happens when things go terribly wrong. And now he has financial models that sometimes have been able to predict terrorist attacks. He actually predicted Donald Trump winning the presidency based on his financial models, and he’s a brilliant guy.

Invest in Gold

We go deep into finance and talk about derivatives, and what us greedy bankers are really like. James is also good friends with Max Keiser, of the Keiser Report, and so he talks about where you should be putting your money, he thinks 10% of your assets should be in physical gold, and how you can protect yourself from the next financial crisis.

We also talk about the emergence of Long Term Capital Management, and how National derivative swaps are a monster completely out of control. James also explains the magnitude of the financial consequences in 1998 and 2008 financial crisis and how social unrest will escalate as we near the next apocalyptical financial crisis.

The thing about James that I admire is that he’s not scared to tell it how it is, and he also just wants to help the rest of us figure out the best way to survive the next financial crisis. James even told us where he puts his money, and how what we can do to save our families.

We have a really interesting, peppy and fun conversation. I learned a ton from what James had to say and there’s amazing stuff in this episode. I know you’re going to enjoy my time with James Rickards.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Gold, silver, and where your money should be invested
  • Ronald Reagan, Stephen Moore, and Lawrence (Larry) Kudlow
  • ‘The Black Swan’ by Nassim Taleb, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and insider trading
  • Bayes’ theorem, Glass-Steagall legislation, and the Sumitomo Bank
  • ‘Fools Gold’ by Gillian Tett, the Bell Curve, and Bear Stearns
  • David Lipton, Lawrence Summers, and Kenneth Rogoff
  • Solomon Brothers, Ozark Mountains, and Yuval Noah Harari, Arthur Laffer, Judy Shelton, and David Malpass
  • Warren Buffett, Timothy Geithner, and Ted Cruze
  • Anatole Kaletsky, Mario Draghi, and Henry (Hank) Paulson
  • Phil Gramm, Bill Clinton, and Blythe Masters
  • Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity


00:00 | Trailer.
02:20 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:28 | Brian’s Introduction.
06:01 | Emergence of Long Term Capital Management (LTCM), the hottest thing out there.
08:37 | Insider account of when it all went wrong.
09:30 | Myron Scholes, Fischer Black and Robert Merton.
11:17 | Notional derivative swaps, a monster completely out of control.
13:02 | Who is going to bail out the central banks in the next financial crisis, hypothetically in 2018?
18:53 | Magnitude of financial consequences in1998 and 2008 financial crises.
26:59 | Social unrest in financial crises.
30:39 | How James forecasts terrorism attack, election results and next apocalyptical financial crisis.
41:34 | “The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis.”
49:00 | Break up big banks: get rid of derivatives: re-instate Glass-Steagall.
56:24 | What we can do to save our families.
1:01:17 | Where Trump election forecasts went wrong and the financial prospect for Trump’s policies.
1:08:05 | Where James Rickards puts his money.
1:11:40 | What James has learnt about an emotional, physical and financial setback.
1:16:51 | How James writes and produces consistently great books.
1:20:35 | Phone call to the 20 year old James Rickards
1:22:41 | Best advice ever received.
1:24:01 | Brian’s summing up.


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