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Watch > Episode > James Rickards - The Perfect Storm: AI Apocalypse, Nuclear War, Banking Collapse & Trump's Next Move

James Rickards - The Perfect Storm: AI Apocalypse, Nuclear War, Banking Collapse & Trump's Next Move


Economist & Former Advisor To The Pentagon and CIA

“The most likely path to nuclear war is escalation. No one wakes up and says – nice day for a nuclear war, let’s start one.”

Today we welcome back a London Real regular who has his finger firmly on the geopolitical pulse and never fails to sort fact from fantasy and uncover the truth amidst the growing propaganda.

Yes it’s none other than my very good friend Jim Rickards. Jim is a former lawyer and investment banker turned economist and bestselling author.

He’s also the man who predicted the biggest financial crash in American history, and if his suspicions are correct, we could be looking at a doomsday scenario over the next 18 months as a growing list of nuclear powers puff out their chests and edge us closer to the abyss.

Of course it’s election year both in the UK and the US and now France has joined the party. And in the complex political chessboard of international relations, every move can have far-reaching consequences.

As war tragically continues to rage in Ukraine and Gaza, sparking major unrest further afield, and as people from all corners of the globe continue to count the cost of living, 2024 looks like being one of those years we’d like to forget but sadly may last long in the memory.

Jim spent over 35 years smack bang in the beating heart of Wall Street, holding senior positions at some of the world’s largest financial service institutions including Citibank, Long-Term Capital Management, and Caxton Associates.

He is also the man who negotiated the $4 billion rescue of LTCM sponsored by the Federal Reserve, a crisis that came within hours of shutting every major securities exchange in the world.

As a New York Times bestselling author, his books include ‘The New Great Depression’, ‘The Road to Ruin’, ‘The Death of Money’, and ‘Currency Wars’ while his last ‘Sold Out: How Broken Supply Chains, Surging Inflation and Political Instability Will Sink the Global Economy’, explored the imminent threat of global economic collapse.

During his time, Jim has advised the US Department of Defence, the US intelligence community, and major hedge funds on global financial issues, and has served as a facilitator of the first-ever financial war games conducted by The Pentagon.

He is a guest lecturer in globalisation and finance at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, Trinity College Dublin, the US Army War College, and the National Defense University.

While his insights and observations are featured regularly in some of the biggest publications in the world including the Financial Times, Evening Standard, The Telegraph, New York Times, and Washington Post.

On top of all that, Jim is the editor of the financial newsletter, Strategic Intelligence, which I highly recommend for anyone trying to get a better handle on what’s really happening.

This November Jim’s latest book, ‘MoneyGPT: AI and the Threat to the Global Economy’, will hit the shelves and takes a detailed look at the danger AI poses to the global financial order, and the insidious ways in which AI will threaten national security.

In more immediate matters, Jim explains that US and NATO support for Ukraine in the war with Russia has been one long failure and that nuclear war could very well be the result of the continued raising of stakes, until one party is backed into a corner and has no choice but to use nuclear weapons.

“It might not be this year or even next year, although those are possibilities. But it will happen. If the US commits its military to confront Russia directly, then we’re signing ourselves up for a nuclear war because that’s where military confrontation will ultimately lead.”

In matters much closer to home, Donald Trump was found guilty on all felony counts in his hush money trial in New York. Jim believes this is no coincidence and is another calculated move to further tarnish Trump’s image ahead of the upcoming conventions and something he believes will backfire as a groundswell of support quickly follows.

“The lawfare warriors have crossed the Rubicon. Get ready, this is going to be a wild election season.”

To top it all off, as if things could get any worse following last year’s massive banking bailout, Jim points to some worrying details that suggest we may not be out of the woods yet and what’s worse it might be too late to do anything about it.

“Stage II of the crisis is here, and the effects will be devastating to financial institutions and the stock market as a whole.”

These truly are worrying times and with so much happening it can feel overwhelming at times, but these are important conversations. By understanding exactly what’s happening in the world, you can prepare accordingly, and moreover protect the wealth you have by making some smart moves now.


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