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Watch > Episode > James Rickards - The Collapse Of Our Global Economy: The Banking Crisis Is Only Just Getting Started

James Rickards - The Collapse Of Our Global Economy: The Banking Crisis Is Only Just Getting Started


Economist & Former Advisor To The Pentagon and CIA

Where do we begin? The world keeps turning and with it comes more bad news for our economy. As we lurch ever closer to a global financial crisis with each passing day, banks collapsing, prices rising ever more, people struggling to pay the bills, and an increasingly divided US population – which is set to get a lot hotter today with Trump landing in New York – you find yourself wondering how we got in this mess to start with?

It’s times like this when I turn to my good friend, financial guru, and expert on geopolitical matters Jim Rickards, to help navigate some increasingly choppy waters and make sense of how all this chaos and confusion emerged.

Jim is a former lawyer and investment banker turned economist and bestselling author and if there’s one thing you can guarantee with Jim, it’s that he’ll leave you with more answers than questions, and offer some rock-solid advice for protecting your wealth.

These are no normal times, but if there’s one man who has been around his fair share of financial crises and economic upheaval, it’s Jim Rickards. Jim believes we’re staring in the face of a collapsing global economy, and he’s been right many times before..

Yes, on top of the war in Ukraine, sky-high inflation and an energy crisis that is continuing to spiral out of control, we now have the prospect of banks failing left and right, and what Jim describes as the biggest bailout in history, the repercussions of which are unimaginable.

Jim spent over 35 years smack bang in the beating heart of Wall Street, holding senior positions at some of the world’s largest financial service institutions including Citibank, Long-Term Capital Management, and Caxton Associates.

For many, Jim Rickards is the man who negotiated the $4 billion rescue of LTCM sponsored by the Federal Reserve, a crisis that came within hours of shutting every major securities exchange in the world.

For others, he’s the bestselling author who makes it a habit to top the New York Times bestseller list with his hugely successful catalogue of books including The New Great Depression, The Road to Ruin, The Death of Money, and Currency Wars.

In his latest book – Sold Out: How Broken Supply Chains, Surging Inflation and Political Instability Will Sink the Global Economy, Jim explores the idea that consumer frustration is only the tip of a very large, menacing iceberg that threatens global economic collapse. The book is a must-read and breaks down why the shelves in the store are empty, who fractured the supply chain and why these shortages will persist.

During his time, Jim has advised the US Department of Defence, the US intelligence community, and major hedge funds on global financial issues, and has served as a facilitator of the first-ever financial war games conducted by The Pentagon.

He is a guest lecturer in globalisation and finance at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, Trinity College Dublin, the US Army War College, and the National Defense University, while his insights and observations are featured regularly in some of the biggest publications in the world including the Financial Times, Evening Standard, The Telegraph, New York Times, and Washington Post.

On top of all that, Jim is the editor of the financial newsletter, Strategic Intelligence, which I highly recommend for anyone trying to get a better handle on what’s really happening. Jim is keen to point out that each financial crisis is worse than the one before and with events unfolding over the last month we’ve likely reached the point where the crisis has become too big for the FED to stop!

“I’ve lived through all of these, and more or less been directly involved in all of them, and this is orders of magnitude greater in terms of what’s being bailed out.”

Of course, who suffers most in the end is you, the taxpayer. One way or another regardless of what they say, everyday people will foot the bill. Jim believes it all comes down to leadership, and right now the US is suffering from a complete lack thereof.

Jim explains how we’re racing towards a future where the dollar will no longer be the global reserve currency, and a new supply chain starts to take shape. He also has some hard facts about the Russian strategy in Ukraine and why we’re edging ever closer to becoming a cashless society.

I always look forward to my conversations with Jim, as for every warning, there’s a dose of insight that we can use to our advantage. The world is changing, but it is up to us to make sure we’re ahead of the game.

I believe these troubling times require action and leadership. We must all stand up for what’s right, speak our truth and share ideas with each other. If we do, good times will indeed surface on the horizon once more.

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  1. Will we see more banks collapse?
  2. How did the SVB bank run happen?
  3. The Fed is blowing up the monetary tightening
  4. A high school kid with a spreadsheet could have seen this coming
  5. Americans will pay the bill for the government’s incompetence
  6. This is financial contagion
  7. What if the US dollar fails?
  8. This is a global financial war
  9. “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime”
  10. Did they just get Donald Trump re-elected?
  11. We’re in a world where we are leaving the phonetic alphabet behind


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