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James Altucher – Choose Yourself

Why people relate to the Altucher phenomenon. [9:10]

What made James good at making money and not good at keeping it. [15:00]

What it means to be losing $1m a week. [15:35]

Why we are in an Ideas Economy. [21:40]

Why we need meaning in life. [25:40]

$$$ is a side effect of helping people. [26:10]

How James launched and sold StockPickr for $10m in 8 months. [24:07]

Why execution is a subset of ideas. [21:30]

James’s first memory as a boy. [26:57]

How to receive feedback as an entrepreneur. [28:08]

What it means to reinvent yourself and why James considered faking a suicide. [28:08]

James explain why people become haters and go on a junk status binging. [30:57]

What is the essence of good writing. [32:40]

What was the common theme when James was on the way up and what did he stopped doing  on the way down? [35:10]

4 areas of life to focus on to create wealth. [35:30]

How to prevent idea muscle atrophy. [36:10]

How to improve your spiritual health and why we shouldn’t do “time traveling”. [39:13]

How James overcame the anxiety of being late for this London Real podcast. [40:15]

What makes a good CEO. [42:00]

How to become personally antifragile. [42:33]

Importance of sleeping. [43:10]

How to shortcut the 10,000 hour rule and be the best in the world at something. [46:10]

How a master interviewer deflects a question and turns the question back to Brian. [50:40]

Why what James is doing now is far better than any of the previous things he’s ever done. [51:15]

Reason why being an entrepreneur is worse than having a job. [53:15]

Importance of having multiple sources of income. [54:20]

Publishing books, connecting with end users and disappearance of gatekeepers. [57:37]

How to be a businessman when it comes to professionally self-publishing. [57:55]

What are the downsides of using a publisher. [58:00]

Why it’s all about the talent and why the gatekeepers are failing. [1:05:00]

The 2 best sitcoms ever. [1:07:00]

James’s new book and how to tie your success with the success of your employer.[1:08:00]

How James manages his time writing and advising companies. [1:08:50]

Why it may take 50 hours to prepare for a podcast interview. [1:09:28]

Why James wanted to understand the basics of drug dealing. [1:11:10]

2 reasons why an introverted shy guy would put himself in front of the camera. [1:13:25]

What happened when James did the “push yourself outside of your comfort zone exercise” in a coffee shop. [1:14:50]

What’s the biggest lesson James learned from interviewing great people. [1:16:18]

Advice to the 20 yr old James Altucher. [1:17:00]

James’ wish for the audience of London Real. [1:18:]

Advice to the 20 yr old who’s listening. [1:18:45]

How James has mentored Brian. [1:19:45]

The Power of No [1:20:00]

“You can’t write a book unless you are dealing with it.” [1:20:20]


Success Secrets

What is the best predictor of success. [1:18]

Anxiety of giving talks. [4:30]

Money is always emotional. Anxiety is an addiction. [6:00]

Who is James’s mentor and how to get mentors. [8.00]

Why it is important to read books. [10:30]

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34 Comments on "James Altucher – Choose Yourself"

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great advice about not walking flat surfaces; after i heard this chose grass, etc., during my walk today. yah, his book is called Choose Grass.


Full of value. Thank you gyz!


he doesn’t give advice? of course he does, the 10 new ideas per day, the daily plan, it’s great advice, but it’s def advice.


Thank you! That was great. And the thing with the discount, I ask for more than 3 years “What kind of discount can you offer me?” It’s an open question, and it’s work for me a lot.


I was so annoyed by James’ posts all across the web. Turns out he’s a really nice guy with interesting things to say.

Dan Munteanu

the power of saying NO without giving a reason. I will use that more often. Might try asking for that 20% discount tomorrow hehe.


love this fella


that guy is so interesting and quite different


I think James Altucher talk took me to different level. This is the first person I heard him at least 6 times. Entire episode.
Brian you really go in depth asking questions, really impressive like I am thinking of question and you ask wow!


Thank you James Altucher and Brian Rose.


Brian, please interview Vishwanathan Anand, the chess legend! It’ll be fun!


He really needs to try and stop saying “like”….


Excellent insight on getting outside of your comfort zone. I’m quite introverted like James is, but people tend not to believe this about me because I’m constantly striving to get out of my comfort zone and be more sociable. Whatever your personality type, get out of your comfort zone regularly and you’ll become a better you. Cheers.


Love, love, love the practice or writing 10 ideas a day on any subject. I started doing that today with 10 ways I could show my pets I love them. Tomorrow it will be work related, and so on. Love it!


Here’s my idea sex. Long-distance hiker – Nutritionist – Musician. What’s yours?


Captivating interview!

Marie-Judith Jean-Louis

So many nuggets of wisdom 🙂


made me relook at how I feel about all my non successes (failures) WOW!!!


Guest suggestions: Grant Cardone, Arash Dibazar, Mystery from the VH1 pick up artist, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan

Jerker Ersare

So refreshing that he doesn’t try to sell himself or seem better than he is, instead he has a constant stream of self-deprecating humor but with an underlying foundation of experience and self-reliance. Awesome.

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