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Jamal Edwards MBE, MBA - Self Belief


British Music Mogul & Entrepreneur

Jamal Edwards MBE was a British entrepreneur, author, director, DJ and founder of the online urban music platform SB.TV.

Jamal Edwards is a visionary entrepreneur, music producer, and digital pioneer who has significantly impacted the urban music scene. Founder of SB.TV, a groundbreaking online platform, Edwards has played a pivotal role in providing a platform for emerging artists and transforming the landscape of British urban music. In this London Real episode, Jamal joins host Brian Rose in the studio to discuss the role that YouTube has played in his career, how Jamal wants to grow his company whilst maintaining its authenticity and what being a mentor means.

Jamal Edwards grew up in a household where music was a constant presence, particularly the sounds of garage and grime, genres that would later define his entrepreneurial endeavours.

In 2006, at the age of 16, Jamal Edwards founded SB.TV, a YouTube channel that would become a revolutionary force in the music industry. Initially started as a platform to showcase his friends’ talent, SB.TV quickly evolved into a hub for emerging artists, providing a space for them to share their music, freestyles, and interviews. Edwards’ early recognition of the power of online platforms for promoting independent artists marked the inception of a digital revolution.

SB.TV became a game-changer by democratising music promotion. Edwards recognised the struggle faced by many talented artists in getting their music heard by a wider audience. SB.TV addressed this issue by offering an accessible and free platform for artists to showcase their work, regardless of their background or industry connections. This democratisation of music promotion empowered a new generation of artists to bypass traditional gatekeepers and gain visibility on their own terms.

Jamal Edwards’ commitment to supporting emerging talent went beyond digital platforms. He organised live events, collaborated with established artists, and created opportunities for unsigned acts to perform alongside more established names. Edwards’ hands-on approach and genuine passion for the music community endeared him to artists and fans alike.

The success of SB.TV did not go unnoticed, and Jamal Edwards has received widespread recognition for his contributions to the music industry. In 2011, he was awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for his services to music and entrepreneurship, highlighting the significant impact of his work.

Beyond SB.TV, Edwards has expanded his entrepreneurial ventures. He co-founded the music label Just Jam, adding another dimension to his efforts to support and promote emerging artists. His ability to navigate the evolving landscape of the music industry showcases a keen understanding of the intersection between technology, creativity, and entrepreneurship.Jamal Edwards’ legacy extends beyond the success of SB.TV. He has become an influential figure in both the music and entrepreneurial spheres. Edwards’ story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and artists, emphasising the importance of vision, authenticity, and a commitment to empowering others.

Jamal Edwards’ journey from a passionate teenager with a camera to a pioneering entrepreneur and music influencer exemplifies the transformative power of digital platforms. Through SB.TV, he reshaped the dynamics of music promotion, creating a space where emerging artists could thrive. Edwards’ legacy is not only in the success of his ventures but in the countless artists whose careers were propelled by the opportunities he provided. As a visionary entrepreneur and advocate for creative independence, Jamal Edwards has left an indelible mark on the urban music scene and continues to inspire the next generation of digital innovators.


00:00 | Trailer
01:34 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:05 | Brian’s Introduction
04:49 | 10 years since Jamal’s first YouTube video and the early days of using YouTube
09:29 | Jamal’s view of YouTube today
10:22 | Why Jamal initially chose to use YouTube
11:23 | Jamal and the Google Chrome advert
13:23 | Jamal’s success was not overnight
14:02 | Jamal does not rest on his laurels and has learnt to focus on the now
15:29 | Progressing from being a solo entrepreneur to having a team around him
17:12 | Growing a team and his attitude when members leave
19:31 | Hailed as a millionaire at twenty three, does that pose problems for Jamal
21:20 | The benefits of getting investment in 2013
22:12 | How Jamal wants to grow his company whilst keeping its authenticity
24:55 | What Jamal likes about Vice
26:49 | Struggles to get a YouTube partnership
28:39 | Jamal’s use of various social media platforms
30:46 | What Jamal thinks is the most important thing in any business
33:04 | What should be remembered when expanding a business into America
34:03 | Your network is your net worth
36:00 | How Jamal has gained high profile mentors
37:25 | What sort of vibe does Jamal get from being around Richard Branson
39:03 | Positive experiences on Virgin East Coast trains
40:18 | What Jamal Edwards heard from the young entrepreneurs on the train
41:41 | Entrepreneurial scene now so different to ten years ago
42:47 | Building your life story, start now
44:41 | Jamal’s “less is more” mantra and the self-belief box
46:39 | The energy he gets for being with members of the Royal Family
49:01 | Receiving the Membership of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE)50:42 Jamal’s relationship with his parents
52:27 | The early obsessive Jamal, how he became less reserved
53:54 | SB.TV filming style attracts different audiences
56:48 | Jamal’s method for moving forward into new plans57:49 SB.TV News
1:00:40 | Taking the opportunity to Interview David Cameron and Ed Miliband
1:02:04 | What Jamal sees when he thinks about America
1:03:06 | Ed Sheeran a big turning point for SB.TV
1:05:04 | Does Jamal think that he reaps rewards from putting good energy out into the world
1:06:23 | How does Jamal work a room
1:08:29 | What his current reading material leads him to think about
1:09:30 | Music videos portraying life all about material gain, is that reflective of what life has to offer
1:11:33 | Why Skepta receiving the Mercury prize was a special moment for Jamal
1:13:08 | What it is about young people that is really bothering Jamal at the moment
1:15:38 | People to people connection is far superior to social media
1:22:06 | Coping with his Mother’s cancer diagnosis
1:28:07 | What will Jamal and SB.TV be like in 10 years
1:30:15 | Success Secrets
1:31:28 | On tour with Dr Dre, inspiring and a lesson learnt
1:34:30 | What Jamal has changed his mind about during the year
1:35:55 | How Jamal meditates
1:37:20 | What keeps Jamal awake at night
1:37:48 | Jamal’s matrix of his success
1:39:46 | Phone call to the 20 year old Jamal
1:42:31 | Best advice ever received
1:43:50 | How to find a mentor
1:46:07 | Advice to the young people watching who have a passion to do something
1:47:30 | Brian’s summing up.


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