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Jamal Edwards MBE, MBA - Self Belief


British Music Mogul & Entrepreneur

Jamal Edwards MBE was a British entrepreneur, author, director, DJ and founder of the online urban music platform SB.TV.


00:00 | Trailer
01:34 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:05 | Brian’s Introduction
04:49 | 10 years since Jamal’s first YouTube video and the early days of using YouTube
09:29 | Jamal’s view of YouTube today
10:22 | Why Jamal initially chose to use YouTube
11:23 | Jamal and the Google Chrome advert
13:23 | Jamal’s success was not overnight
14:02 | Jamal does not rest on his laurels and has learnt to focus on the now
15:29 | Progressing from being a solo entrepreneur to having a team around him
17:12 | Growing a team and his attitude when members leave
19:31 | Hailed as a millionaire at twenty three, does that pose problems for Jamal
21:20 | The benefits of getting investment in 2013
22:12 | How Jamal wants to grow his company whilst keeping its authenticity
24:55 | What Jamal likes about Vice
26:49 | Struggles to get a YouTube partnership
28:39 | Jamal’s use of various social media platforms
30:46 | What Jamal thinks is the most important thing in any business
33:04 | What should be remembered when expanding a business into America
34:03 | Your network is your net worth
36:00 | How Jamal has gained high profile mentors
37:25 | What sort of vibe does Jamal get from being around Richard Branson
39:03 | Positive experiences on Virgin East Coast trains
40:18 | What Jamal Edwards heard from the young entrepreneurs on the train
41:41 | Entrepreneurial scene now so different to ten years ago
42:47 | Building your life story, start now
44:41 | Jamal’s “less is more” mantra and the self-belief box
46:39 | The energy he gets for being with members of the Royal Family
49:01 | Receiving the Membership of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE)50:42 Jamal’s relationship with his parents
52:27 | The early obsessive Jamal, how he became less reserved
53:54 | SB.TV filming style attracts different audiences
56:48 | Jamal’s method for moving forward into new plans57:49 SB.TV News
1:00:40 | Taking the opportunity to Interview David Cameron and Ed Miliband
1:02:04 | What Jamal sees when he thinks about America
1:03:06 | Ed Sheeran a big turning point for SB.TV
1:05:04 | Does Jamal think that he reaps rewards from putting good energy out into the world
1:06:23 | How does Jamal work a room
1:08:29 | What his current reading material leads him to think about
1:09:30 | Music videos portraying life all about material gain, is that reflective of what life has to offer
1:11:33 | Why Skepta receiving the Mercury prize was a special moment for Jamal
1:13:08 | What it is about young people that is really bothering Jamal at the moment
1:15:38 | People to people connection is far superior to social media
1:22:06 | Coping with his Mother’s cancer diagnosis
1:28:07 | What will Jamal and SB.TV be like in 10 years
1:30:15 | Success Secrets
1:31:28 | On tour with Dr Dre, inspiring and a lesson learnt
1:34:30 | What Jamal has changed his mind about during the year
1:35:55 | How Jamal meditates
1:37:20 | What keeps Jamal awake at night
1:37:48 | Jamal’s matrix of his success
1:39:46 | Phone call to the 20 year old Jamal
1:42:31 | Best advice ever received
1:43:50 | How to find a mentor
1:46:07 | Advice to the young people watching who have a passion to do something
1:47:30 | Brian’s summing up.


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