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Jaeson Ma - OP3N: The AI-Powered Web3 SuperApp For Artists & Creators


Serial Entrepreneur, Artist & Media Mogul

Jaeson Ma is a serial entrepreneur, artist and media mogul with a proven track record when it comes to pioneering innovative new ventures using cutting-edge technology and utilising his unique creative talents.

In 2021, Jaeson launched the social media platform OP3N, a Web3 SuperApp for artists and creators, building a decentralised world where communities can come together – to create, own, and bring their ideas to the world.

OP3N is revolutionising how people interact in the digital world in a way that Web2 simply can’t as this powerful “community economy”, allows creators and fans to connect and build using multi-chain and multi-wallet.

In March 2023, OP3N closed a Series A funding round led by Animoca Brands with $28M. That valued the company at $100 million. London Real regular and Chairman of Animoca, Yat Siu, has described OP3N as a place where artists and creators can significantly increase their revenue streams while enjoying true digital ownership of their assets.

The funding round also included investments from Dragonfly Capital, SuperScrypt, Creative Artists Agency and New Enterprise Associates’ Connect Ventures, Republic Crypto, Avalanche’s Blizzard Fund, Galaxy Digital and Warner Music Interactive.

“I wanted to make a connection for creators, chats and commerce in one place. It’s a web3 version of WhatsApp meets Amazon, or WeChat meets Alibaba.”

Jaeson has said that the platform was born out of a need for a user experience and interface similar to Web 2.0 platforms, but powered by Web3 technologies.

Jaeson’s background has a particular focus on the Asian market, and he has launched a number of hugely successful companies over the years, such as EST Media, Stampede Ventures, East West Ventures, and 88rising.

Jason is also an investor, advisor and partner in several entertainment funds, having raised capital and advised on transactions totalling over $1 billion.

But all this merely scratches the surface when it comes to Jaeson’s storied and remarkable life. It’s been anything but a straightforward path to success for Jaeson, but his indomitable spirit, creative mind and entrepreneurial instincts have seen him emerge from some difficult and challenging times.

As a teenager Jaeson was on a slippery slope, hanging out in gangs, selling drugs and making bad choices, before being arrested for laundering thousands of dollars worth of suits from the back of a store he worked at.

It was a turning point in his life, he was offered a second chance to get his life back on track and grabbed it with both hands. Jaeson found God and dedicated himself to spreading the good word by helping others. He became a missionary and travelled the world, and that faith has remained a constant in his life to this day.

In between all that he he became an Executive Assistant to MC Hammer, and later his business partner, helped relaunch the boxing career of Mike Tyson and enjoyed a successful music career, working with some of the biggest names in the industry.

It’s been a remarkable journey with so many incredible stops along the way. Jaeson is a fascinating guy and some of the experiences he’s had and the connections he’s made have enabled him to remain at the tip of the spear when it comes to business and technology. I can’t wait for Jaeson to join me in the studio and share his fascinating story.

“I hope that whatever I do can help everyone and anyone that’s in need to be able to prosper, to have independence and freedom to live a happy life.”


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  1. The OP3N Blueprint
  2. Blockchain – The cancel-proof money formula
  3. The rise of decentralized technology is a threat to Big Tech
  4. The future of Intellectual Property (IP)
  5. How Kanye West asked me to build Web4
  6. OP3N is giving power back to creators
  7. Crypto is here to stay
  8. A.I. is the new frontier of innovation
  9. The man in the suit, the artist and the priest
  10. The key to breaking the mold
  11. Understanding the cultural differences between East and West
  12. The 3 C’s – The venture capitalist’s secret sauce
  13. The gut check
  14. Committing to God’s work
  15. My journey into the spiritual realm
  16. I saw the impossible
  17. A message of hope and encouragement
  18. OP3N – Giving everyone a voice


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