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Jackie Cruz - Orange Is The New Black - Jackie Cruz On Injustice, Inclusion And Inspiration


Jackie Cruz is an Dominican/ American actress, singer, and activist. She is best known for your role as Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales in the Netflix original series, Orange Is The New Black, which is about to start its sixth season. Her activism focuses on prison reform, immigration, LGBTQ rights, and gender inequality. She has also just released her first single “La Hora Loca” from her upcoming solo debut.


00:00 | Trailer
03:27 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:32 Brian’s introduction
06:14 Looking forward to feeling the energy of London
07:16 Enjoying being in Cologne for Gay Pride
08:00 Orange is the New Black show, on Netflix, has given Jackie new opportunities
14:59 Jackie looks to women who lead with their hearts not their make-up
16:50 Justice is the key to what Orange is the New Black portrays
20:04 What Jackie has learned about prisons and imprisonment during her time on the show
26:31 Joining the show was her big break and it became a master class for her
33:39 Advice for those who aspire to be an actress
36:14 Jackie’s inspiration to become an actress and singer
39:36 The influence New York has on her
42:53 Move to Los Angeles aged 15 and leaving home at 16
47:22 Life changing accident
54:03 Little girl helps Jackie return to her dream
1:00:16 Why she doesn’t say she is American when in Europe
1:05:09 Jackie starts her own company to give a voice to Latinos and other ethnic minorities in America
1:09:12 Her regular daily routines to keep herself positive and focussed
1:13:57 What is her super power
1:15:48 The best and worst days of her life
1:17:25 What scares her
1:20:19 What keeps her awake at night
1:21:22 Success secrets
1:23:33 Best advice ever received
1:26:46 Advice to the 20-year old watching who wants to make a change for justice in the world
1:31:37 What Jackie is bringing to her character
1:34:22 When the new series comes out
1:34:46 When her album is coming out
1:35:10 Brian’s summing up.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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