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Ivor Crotty - Russia Today


Ivor Crotty is an Irishman living in Moscow working in social media for a news network funded by the Kremlin.  How’s that for a bio!

RT (formerly known as Russia Today) has made huge strides in the online media space in the past few years being the first television news station to reach 1 Billion views on YouTube.  In the USA their channel is available to 85 million people and they boast such personalities as Abby Martin, Julian Assange and our London Real regular Max Keiser.

Growing up in a divided Ireland, Ivor has seen firsthand his share of sectarian violence and brings a unique perspective when it comes to the current crisis in Ukraine and the unseen roles of Russian and the West.

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As Head of Social Media for a new and forward-thinking news network he’s in a unique position to experiment and utilise many of the tools that the old school media outlets fear might cannibalise their livelihood.

I hope you enjoy our conversation with the colourful, experienced, and opinionated Ivor Crotty.


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