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Ivana Chubbuck - The Power Of The Actor


Hollywood Acting Coach

Acting coach and writer Ivana Chubbuck has become one of Hollywood’s most important one-to-one teachers. Over the course of a 30 year career, she has worked with some of the most famous A-list film stars. Instructing them in her own acting theory, The Chubbuck Technique, it’s her aim to empower students to remain creatively strong in an industry as intense as the movies. Ivana’s methods have been so revolutionary that her students are annually nominated for Academy Awards, Emmys and Golden Globes.

Ivana’s book, The Power of the Actor, was an instant bestseller. It outlines The Chubbuck Technique. The technique itself draws on real psychology and human behaviour as a basis for creating authentic characters and engage with the story. It’s a 12 step program that helps actors immerse in their role, bringing scripts to life. There are hundreds of different coaches with hundreds of theories and techniques to choose from, but Ivana’s masterclass is simple and extremely effective with the results to prove it.

Actors and professional entertainers like Jim Carrey, Brad Pitt and Beyonce are the alumni that stand by Ivana’s work. Whether you’re a professional actor or not, today’s episode will change everything.


00:00 | Trailer.
01:05 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:04 | Brian’s Introduction.
05:52 | How and why Ivana became an acting teacher.
10:04 | Helping Halle Berry on her part in Monster’s Ball to turn the pain of the character into a positive.
12:37 | The audience unaware of the huge amount of study and preparation work a great actor does.
18:24 | What is in people that makes them become successful whether in acting or not.
21:52 | Feeling empowered to take and use one’s pain and fears to overcome and win.
29:10 | The power of belief.
33:38 | Helping people to acknowledge and understand their issues.
36:38 | Using self-knowledge, learned from her work, in any every-day life.
40:37 | Ivana’s view of Daniel Day-Lewis’ acting technique for his part in the film Lincoln.
41:56 | Humour is so important.
43:08 | Does Ivana have any favourite male actors?
44:57 | Is anyone ever thrown out of Ivana’s classes who is not getting it or giving enough?
46:29 | How do actors daily go to the hard places?
48:54 | What Los Angeles is and is not.
52:21 | Difference between British and American actors.
55:58 | Working with Jim Carey.
58:32 | Helping actors who need help getting out of a dip in their career or their confidence.
1:00:37 | Working with a producer.
1:01:57 | Working with writers.
1:03:23 | Is there a difference in teaching for stage or screen.
1:05:54 | Future of TV and effect of burgeoning digital media.
1:08:35 | Are there enough roles for women and older women in Hollywood?
1:11:45 | How does Ivana recommend non actors deal with being a victim.
1:13:09 | Next five years for Ivana and what about it excites her.
1:16:30 | Always learn from something that affects you.
1:19:07 | Phone call to the 20 year old Ivana.
1:20:06 | Best advice ever received.
1:22:34 | Advice to the 20 year old who wants to be an actor.
1:24:35 | Summing up.


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