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Immortal Technique - The Revolutionary Voice of Hip-Hop


In the tapestry of hip-hop, rapper and urban activist Immortal Technique, born Felipe Andres Coronel, emerges as a revolutionary force, a street poet unafraid to tackle socio-political issues and challenge the status quo. Known for his fierce lyricism, gritty narratives, and unapologetic activism, Immortal Technique has left an indelible mark on the genre.

In this episode of London Real, Immortal Technique stops by to talk about his friendship with fellow hip-hop artist and Original Gangster Ice-T and his appearance in the movie “The Art of Rap”, the difference between a petty criminal and a gangster mentality and how that is used by corporations and sovereign nations, and his poignant definition of the word success.

Born on February 19, 1978, in Lima, Peru, and raised in Harlem, New York, Immortal Technique’s early life was shaped by the challenges of urban life and the struggles of immigrant identity. His upbringing provided the raw material for his lyrical narratives, as he witnessed the socio-economic disparities and systemic injustices that fueled his revolutionary spirit.

Immortal Technique’s debut album, “Revolutionary Vol. 1,” released in 2001, marked the beginning of his journey as a prominent voice in hip-hop. His lyrics go beyond the conventional themes of rap, delving into topics such as poverty, corruption, political oppression, and global issues. Tracks like “Dance with the Devil” and “Point of No Return” showcase his ability to craft intricate stories that provoke thought and incite critical reflection.

Immortal Technique stands at the forefront of conscious hip-hop, using his platform to shed light on societal ills and inspire change. His activism extends beyond the mic, as he engages in grassroots initiatives and supports various social causes. Whether addressing police brutality, immigration issues, or global politics, Immortal Technique’s lyrics are a call to action, urging listeners to awaken their social consciousness and challenge the systems of oppression.

A staunch advocate for independence in the music industry, Immortal Technique has remained unsigned to major record labels. His commitment to artistic autonomy allows him to maintain creative control over his content and deliver unfiltered messages. This independence has endeared him to a fan base appreciative of authenticity and a refusal to conform to commercial pressures.

In 2011, Immortal Technique released “The Martyr,” a mixtape that further solidified his reputation as a revolutionary artist. The project features collaborations with fellow conscious hip-hop artists and includes tracks that address issues such as corporate greed, media manipulation, and the complexities of modern warfare. “The Martyr” is a testament to Immortal Technique’s unwavering dedication to using hip-hop as a tool for social change.

Immortal Technique’s influence extends beyond the music industry. His lectures, interviews, and written works contribute to the intellectual discourse on socio-political issues. He has participated in various speaking engagements, sharing his perspectives on activism, history, and the power of hip-hop as a medium for resistance.

Immortal Technique’s impact on hip-hop goes beyond his lyrical prowess; it is a force that challenges the boundaries of the genre. His uncompromising commitment to social justice, independence, and unfiltered expression has made him a beacon for those seeking hip-hop with substance. As Immortal Technique continues to evolve and contribute to the conversation on activism and resistance, his legacy remains firmly embedded in the revolutionary roots of hip-hop, a testament to the enduring power of art as a catalyst for change.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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