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Heston Blumenthal - Question Everything

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00:00 | Trailer
02:30 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:47 Brian’s introduction
04:27 The experience Heston wants diners to have from eating his food creations
11:40 Heston’s mantra, question everything and everything
13:23 His story of the five senses and the emotions which he draws on to produce his creations
17:46 Fear knocked on the door, faith answered, there was no-one there
27:36 Where Heston’s curiosity and passion for food comes from
34:43 How Heston succeeded despite the odds
37:31 Our basic need for connectivity
46:00 Communicating complex science in relation to food was difficult: do diners realise that connectivity
49:07 Explanation of the symbolism incorporated in the design of his coat of arms
56:52 Imagination enabled us to create shared beliefs
59:51 The story of the raisin is mindful eating
Why a mindful cheese sandwich is one of his next projects
1:03:04 Heston fears he has just created something that helps nullify the need for men
1:06:56 How the process surrounding food makes us human
1:12:33 Has Heston transcended food or has it always been about more than food
1:16:14 Our children can show us what we have lost in life and that we should take time to just be
1:22:46 Relax, Heston’s journey with meditation
1:31:11 Did he ever want to quit
Wanting his work to influence how we approach our food
1:36:06 When Heston realised, he was not being true to himself and how it was affecting his kitchen
1:40:48 Having come to that realisation how he began the process of change
1:42:40 Big Bang or big black hole or one of Heston’s ventures down another rabbit hole
1:44:48 You can’t quit when running a restaurant, you just keep going
1:46:38 What he loves about Alice in Wonderland
1:48:18 Reaction of French Chefs to Heston’s work
His next ambition for which there is a time and a place
1:58:26 The influence he wants to have on the world
2:01:32 The future of food
2:25:01 What Heston thinks he may be doing in ten years
2:30:48 Success secrets
2:31:30 Best advice he ever received
2:33:59 Heston has no regrets
2:35:47 Brian’s summing up.


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