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Hannah Witton - The Truth About Sex


A YouTube vlogger on subjects including gender, relationships, and feminism, Hannah Witton presents subjects like body image and sex in a positive light. She covers everything from the trivial to the controversial in her three- to seven-minute videos.

Always honest and authentic, Hannah has become a role model for adolescents with her real sex education tips. Over the four years she has been vlogging, her videos and the reactions of her viewers have changed her life. In her sex education interview with Brian Rose, she talks all truth about this journey and explains how she is continuing in her efforts to reach new people with her message.
TEDx Talk
Hannah Witton’s most significant movie is called Do I Look Like a Slut? This video brought her plenty of hate, but also a huge amount of positive feedback. The large number of views and real comments were due, at least in part, to the video being featured on Upworthy.

All this led to Hannah’s invitation to give a TEDx talk, which created a path to yet more opportunities — she is still working with people she met at the TEDx talk to this day. Hannah found the experience of talking to a live audience completely different to that of creating her videos (which she can edit) but just as thrilling.

At her TEDx, talk, Hannah Witton spoke about her experience producing sex education videos and how she originally felt she was doing something good for society by opening the conversation to a live discussion about sex. However, she soon realized that people watching her videos were already in agreement with her views. The Do I Look Like a Slut? movie changed everything.

This key video helped Hannah reach people with very different opinions and world views to her own. The bad side of this was the abuse she received, but the positive side was that she enabled some people to see the live issue in a new light. She goes into detail about this experience in both her TEDx talk and her free online interview with Brian Rose on London Real TV.
Sex Education Tips
Since the video that led to her success and the TEDx talk that followed, views and comments for Hannah’s videos from an audience that disagrees with her have diminished but not disappeared. Hannah publishes online a new video every week, and there is still plenty of controversy with every release. Hannah appreciates this, as it starts a discussion with people with varying opinions.

In the past, Hannah would receive a single hateful comment and the rest of her viewers would rush to her defense. Today, there is more an opportunity for debate — a chance for a balanced conversation. Hannah herself joins in by responding to comments in the first 48 hours.
Hannah Witton’s Sex Education Work
Hannah Witton is recognized by MTV and Durex and is the member of the Global Crew for the Someone Like Me campaign, which promotes sex education. She was shortlisted for the Young Person of the Year prize at the Sexual Health Awards show in 2013 and shortlisted for the award of Best Vlog at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards show in 2014.

Hannah has a history degree from the University of Birmingham with a specialization in sexual history. Her dissertation is on Google Docs for anyone to read. She also has a short film called History of Homosexuality, for which she became a finalist in the Very Short Film Competition from the Guardian and Oxford University Press in 2013.

The most recent addition to Hannah Witton’s sex media work is her sex education interview with Brian Rose. You can watch for free the full version on London Real TV.


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