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Guy Kawasaki - The Art Of Social Media


In this London Real episode, host Brian Rose speaks to Guy Kawasaki, author, entrepreneur and social media expert, who has worked with some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley. In the late 80s he worked at Apple, directly under the leadership of Steve Jobs and more recently he’s worked as Google advisor to Motorola.

His expertise is coveted and his zero bull approach to work has seen him deliver time and time again. His stories are fascinating, coming from that revolutionarily historic place, only decades ago, that spawned personal computing and the internet as we know it today.

He’ll also be sharing some of his insight into what it means to operate on social media. Want to become a social media mover and shaker? Ready to start a brand revolution online and build an interactive community around what you do?
Kawasaki will be dropping some wisdom!

Born on August 30, 1954, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Guy Kawasaki has become a prominent figure known for his influential roles at a range of companies, his successful ventures, and his commitment to empowering entrepreneurs.

Hiss journey into the tech world began when he joined Apple Inc. in 1983 as the Chief Evangelist. His role was to promote and popularise the Macintosh computer, a task he embraced with enthusiasm. Kawasaki’s dynamic personality and ability to articulate the unique features of the Macintosh played a pivotal role in the product’s early success.

During his time at Apple, Kawasaki developed the concept of “evangelism marketing,” a term that describes the practice of building a loyal customer base through passionate advocacy and genuine belief in the product. This innovative approach not only contributed to Apple’s brand loyalty but also became a cornerstone of Kawasaki’s future endeavours.

After leaving Apple in 1987, Guy Kawasaki embarked on a series of entrepreneurial ventures that showcased his diverse skill set. He co-founded ACIUS, a Macintosh database company, and later started Fog City Software. His experience as an entrepreneur provided him with valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of startup life, knowledge he would later share with aspiring business leaders.

In 2003, Kawasaki co-founded Garage Technology Ventures, a venture capital firm that aimed to support early-stage technology companies. Through Garage, he became an advocate for startups, offering mentorship, funding, and strategic guidance to emerging entrepreneurs. Kawasaki’s commitment to fostering innovation extended beyond financial support, as he actively engaged with the startup community through speaking engagements, writing, and social media.

Guy Kawasaki is also widely recognised for his contributions as an author and thought leader. His books, including “The Art of the Start” and “Enchantment,” provide practical advice and insights for entrepreneurs navigating the challenges of building successful businesses. Kawasaki’s writing style is known for its accessibility, blending practical tips with humour and personal anecdotes.

Kawasaki’s thought leadership extends to his role as a speaker and educator. He has delivered keynote addresses at major conferences worldwide, sharing his experiences and insights on innovation, marketing, and entrepreneurship. His ability to distil complex concepts into actionable advice has made him a sought-after speaker in the tech and business communities.

Guy Kawasaki’s impact on the technology and startup landscape is enduring. As an evangelist, entrepreneur, and thought leader, he has left an indelible mark on the way we approach innovation and business. His advocacy for customer-focused marketing, transparent communication, and the importance of a genuine passion for one’s product continues to resonate with aspiring entrepreneurs.

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, Guy Kawasaki’s legacy serves as a beacon for those navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship. Whether through his writings, speeches, or venture endeavours, Kawasaki’s commitment to innovation and his unwavering belief in the transformative power of technology continue to inspire the next generation of business leaders.


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