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Gregg Braden - You Are Wired To Be Extraordinary


In his latest appearance on London Real, author, researcher and educator Gregg Braden stops by the studio to talk about why there is a reluctance to change mainstream education to share what science is now telling us, what DNA is now showing us about who we are and clarifies his views on global warming.

Born on June 28, 1954, Gregg Braden’s work reflects a harmonious integration of analytical rigour and profound spiritual wisdom, inviting a collective exploration of the interconnected mysteries that define our existence.

His early career was grounded in the world of science and technology. Armed with degrees in geology and computer science, he ventured into the dynamic landscape of innovation during the energy crisis of the 1970s. His contributions at Phillips Petroleum showcased his analytical prowess and set the stage for a future where the scientific mind would converge with the ethereal realms of spirituality.

Braden’s transformative odyssey unfolded when he immersed himself in the ancient wisdom traditions. The sacred landscapes of Egypt became the backdrop for a profound encounter with hidden teachings and texts. This rendezvous with ancient knowledge sparked a revelation, urging Braden to embark on a quest to reconcile the timeless truths of antiquity with the cutting-edge discoveries of modern science.

At the heart of Gregg Braden’s philosophy lies the concept of the Divine Matrix: a cosmic web interconnecting all aspects of creation. This concept, reminiscent of ancient spiritual doctrines, aligns with scientific theories like the unified field theory. Braden skillfully navigates the convergence of these seemingly disparate realms, offering a perspective that transcends traditional dichotomies.

Braden’s exploration extends to the intricate dance between the heart and the brain, challenging conventional views on cognition. He posits that coherence between these vital organs unleashes intuitive intelligence, a concept that stands in contrast to the predominant focus on the brain as the seat of consciousness. This reevaluation invites a holistic understanding of human intelligence, acknowledging the wisdom emanating from the heart.

“The Spontaneous Healing of Belief,” one of Braden’s most notable works, delves into the transformative power of belief. He intricately explores the science behind miraculous healings, delving into the nexus of consciousness, belief systems, and the profound connection between mind and body. Braden’s insights challenge individuals to reconsider the potency of their beliefs in shaping their reality.

As an author, Gregg Braden’s written works have traversed continents, influencing seekers and scholars alike. Titles such as “The Divine Matrix” and “The God Code” act as conduits, channelling ancient wisdom into the modern consciousness. Braden’s ability to articulate complex concepts in accessible language has earned him a global readership, establishing his legacy as a bridge-builder between diverse realms of knowledge.

Gregg Braden’s legacy is not confined to the present; it extends into the horizon of future possibilities. His vision involves a continued synthesis of scientific inquiry and spiritual understanding, fostering a collective awakening to the profound interconnectedness of all life. In a world yearning for unity and deeper meaning, Braden’s work serves as a guiding light, illuminating a path toward a more integrated and harmonious existence.

Gregg Braden emerges as an architect of unity, constructing bridges between the analytical and the mystical, the scientific and the spiritual. His journey is an invitation for all to participate in the alchemy of consciousness, forging a new paradigm where the tapestry of existence is woven with threads of wisdom from both the ancient and the contemporary worlds.


00:00 Trailer.
02:45 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:04 Brian’s introduction.
05:40 Gregg loves London’s vibe, its music scene and for being a hub for consciousness.
06:57 How Gregg’s musical side co-exists with his scientific and spiritual side.
10:55 Gregg’s mantra to the universe is “When I become empty, I become whole”.
11:55 Attraction to the discipline of yogic traditions.
16:52 How the threat of nuclear war in Gregg’s early life led to his scientific research.
24:17 The three massive cycles of change that we are living through right now.
30:40 There is a reluctance to change mainstream education and TV to share what science is now telling us.
33:56 The DNA evidence no longer supports the theory of evolution as the mechanism for human origins.
35:32 Today we are not instilling into our young people how precious human life is.
40:21 He believes when we understand the truth of who we are the reasons why we hate will begin to vanish.
43:15 What has changed in modern life, what have we lost?
44:15 Living in a world of violent competition rather than in collaboration.
49:12 What the DNA is now showing us about who we are.
52:29 Where the spiritual rubber hits the road of life for Gregg.
1:00:30 Gregg believes that it will be recognized that in this period of history the people of the earth made a choice.
1:07:34 Gregg clarifies his views on global warming.
1:11:28 Why Gregg says that he lost his credibility as a scientist the moment he spoke of spirituality.
1:14:02 What Gregg will be doing in ten years.
1:16:27 Two essential things in his daily practice.
1:19:48 Gregg’s super power.
1:22:17 What scares Gregg.
1:27:31 Phone call to the 20-year-old Gregg Braden.
1:28:36 Best advice he ever received.
1:29:59 Success secrets.
1:30:49 Brian’s summing up and Gregg’s expression of appreciation.


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