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Gregg Braden - Raising Human Consciousness


Gregg Braden is a luminary in the realms of science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom, having dedicated his life to unravelling the mysteries that lie at the intersection of these seemingly disparate domains. Braden’s journey has been one of relentless exploration, challenging conventional boundaries and inviting a deeper understanding of the profound connections that weave through the fabric of existence.

A regular guest on London Real, in this milestone episode, Gregg Braden joins Brian Rose in studio to discuss why he wrote his latest book, “Human By Design”, different views of evolution and how the changing climate, economy and human conflict are driving us to examine the way we live.

Gregg Braden’s early years were marked by a passion for the sciences. Armed with degrees in geology and computer science, he embarked on a career that would lead him to the forefront of technological advancements. His work at Phillips Petroleum during the energy crisis of the 1970s provided a solid foundation in earth sciences and computer technology, setting the stage for a unique trajectory that would later blend the analytical rigour of science with the intuitive wisdom of spirituality.

The pivotal moment in Braden’s life occurred when he ventured into the heart of ancient cultures and their wisdom traditions. A profound experience in the monasteries of Egypt exposed him to hidden texts and teachings that resonated with a deeper truth. This encounter sparked a transformative shift in Braden’s perspective, steering him toward a path where the ancient and the modern could coalesce, and science could dance with spirituality.

At the core of Gregg Braden’s work is the concept of the Divine Matrix; a field of energy that connects all of creation. This matrix, he suggests, is the bridge between our inner and outer worlds, shaping our reality based on the thoughts and emotions we emit. Drawing parallels between this idea and scientific theories, particularly the unified field theory, Braden endeavours to demystify the profound interconnection of all existence.

Braden delves into the intelligence of the heart, emphasising its role as more than a mere pump. In his exploration, he unveils the intricate dialogue between the heart and the brain, proposing that coherence between these two vital organs is the key to unlocking intuitive wisdom. This concept challenges the conventional dominance of the brain in cognitive processes, inviting a more holistic understanding of human intelligence.

In his book “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief,” Gregg Braden explores the profound impact of belief on our experiences. He dives into the science behind miraculous healings, investigating the role of consciousness and the mind-body connection. Through compelling narratives and scientific insights, Braden invites readers to reconsider the power they hold within their beliefs and the potential for transformative healing.

As a prolific author, Gregg Braden’s written works have become guiding beacons for those seeking to reconcile the worlds of science and spirituality. Titles such as “The Divine Matrix,” “The God Code,” and “The Turning Point” have resonated globally, offering readers a tapestry of ideas that seamlessly weave together ancient wisdom and modern understanding.

Gregg Braden’s legacy extends beyond his individual accomplishments; it lies in the minds he has opened and the paradigms he has challenged. His vision for the future involves a continued exploration of the uncharted territories where science and spirituality converge. As a torchbearer for those seeking a deeper understanding of their existence, Braden’s influence is felt not only in the present but in the unfolding chapters of a world hungry for wisdom that transcends conventional boundaries.

In essence, Gregg Braden stands as an alchemist of ideas, distilling the essence of both ancient wisdom and contemporary science to create a potent elixir that nourishes the mind and soul. His journey serves as an invitation for all to embark on their quest for knowledge, blending the empirical with the mystical in the ongoing exploration of the infinite tapestry of human consciousness.


00:00 | Trailer
02:50 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:05 Brian’s introduction
05:54 Why Gregg loves London
07:00 New science refutes Darwin’s theory of human evolution, so Gregg wrote Human by Design
16:31 Three theories of human evolution: big bang; simulated reality; a conscious intervention of DNA
27:01 Higher being radiating the human consciousness through London Real in a rapidly changing world
35:12 We are at pivotal crossroads of making a choice as to how much of our power we give to machines
41:32 How far should we go, is it a mistake, has science underestimated the complexities of human nature
51:12 The changing world of climate, economy and human conflict are driving us to examine the way we live
55:14 Gregg’s courses help people to access neurons in the brain and heart for physical and mental well-being
1:07:45 Different forms of therapy work for different purposes
1:10:31 Gregg believes we have it within us to transcend anything that comes to us with our own chemistry
1:14:22 Gregg addresses some of the social media comments following his last London Real interview
1:21:30 Simulated reality, is there is a base reality from which other realities emit
1:29:18 Only through our deepest hurts do we reach inside of ourselves to find a greater capacity to love
1:36:19 Gregg’s troubled childhood and how lessons learnt from it carried into adulthood
1:52:50 His father died at an early age having had his own philosophy in life
2:01:44 His mother no longer knows him
2:05:27 Why he tries to create harmony rather than balance in his life
2:12:30 Advice to young people watching the episode
2:16:54 Success secrets2:17:21 Why his mother wouldn’t speak to him for two years
2:19:44 Brian’s summing up.


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