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Watch > Episode > Greg Mulholland - 3 Tier Lockdown: Why Unscientific Laws Will Devastate The UK’s Hospitality Sector

Greg Mulholland - 3 Tier Lockdown: Why Unscientific Laws Will Devastate The UK’s Hospitality Sector


Campaign Director of The Campaign For Pubs

Going by the Twitter handle “@ThePubChampion”, Greg Mulholland is a passionate advocate for British pubs standing as chair of the British Pub Confederation and Campaign Director of the Campaign for Pubs.

For 12 years, Greg was a prominent MP for Leeds North West and served as a Leeds City Councillor for Headingley.

Earlier this year, as the pandemic loomed large, Greg took the initiative and created the Campaign for Pubs to offer grassroots support to Pubs and Publicans who were facing closure due to Government guidelines and restrictions.

The introduction of laws by the government to the hospitality sector was the social distancing restrictions and the 10pm curfew has resulted in many pubs choosing to remain closed.

However, the latest developments are of even greater concern as the government introduced a three-tier plan based on whether communities are deemed high, medium, or low risk.

This has had a massive effect on northern cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds who have all been hit with closures of their bars and pubs, while London remains open.

Statistics released by the Public Health of England reveal that less than 5% of cases are through the hospitality sector, yet it is one of the hardest hit industries across the UK, something Greg has vocally fought against stating,

“If the UK Government does enact the folly of mass closure of pubs when it knows that pubs aren’t the problem, they will never be forgiven by those whose livelihoods, lives & communities they ruin.”

The campaign has backed the #NationalTimeOut rent-free period and ‘No Pub No Rent’ initiatives, while also highlighting the unique heritage and history that pubs provide and the vitality to the very fabric of our communities.

Join us as we discuss the three-tier system, campaigns for pubs, the 10pm curfew, Northern Leaders response, transmission rates and what we do moving forward to ensure that a science-based approach can save our hospitality sector.

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1. What’s The Data Behind Closing Bars, Pubs And Hospitality
2. The Catastrophic Effect Of Shutting Down Pubs
3. Our Leaders Don’t Know How To Deal With This Pandemic
4. We’re On The Verge Of Destroying The Pub Culture
5. Campaign For Pubs


00:00 | Trailer.
01:00 | Brian’s introduction.
01:46 | The crisis for the great British pub.
03:26 | Publicans feel they are being scapegoated by many politicians and are an easy target for scientists.
08:28 | The catastrophic impact on publicans, their employees and associated businesses.
13:46 | We need to change our behaviour and learn to live alongside Covid-19.
21:50 | There is real anger and dismay amongst publicans at how they have been treated.
27:39 | The 10pm curfew was never discussed according to a SAGE Committee member.
30:01 | Three things customers can do now in support of pubs.
32:00 | Brian’s summing up.


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