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Grant Cardone - The 10X Rule


Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, sales training expert, investor, and motivational speaker on the topics of leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and social media.

Originally from Louisiana, he started from nothing and now have five, privately held companies with annual revenues exceeding 150 million dollars, and a real estate portfolio of nearly one billion dollars.

Last year Forbes magazine named him #1 of the “25 Marketing Influencers to Watch” and he is the author of five books including Sell or Be Sold, Be Obsessed or Be Average, The 10X Rule; and If You’re Not First, You’re Last.


00:00 Trailer.
03:42 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
06:15 Brian’s introduction.
06:51 Behaving with propriety in London.
08:41 An atmosphere of constant fear is the cause of who he is today.
11:34 76% of Americans live pay cheque to pay cheque: generalised perception of Americans is untrue.
13:09 What formed Grant’s character growing up in Louisiana.
17:40 Shooting guns and taking drugs; the powerful punches he took offered an underlying message.
23:50 Boredom is the drug you need to avoid, and he sees a lot of boredom in the UK.
25:32 The catalyst that took him into rehab.
29:26 Trouble with rehab centres is you are playing with the “just” and Grant has never been just-in anything.
34:08 Work is a gift from God.
37:59 Grant hated being in Sales and it receives scant respect in the UK.
39:59 When he fully commits to something he receives back in multifarious ways.
43:12 The internet may kill retail store type selling, but the big deals will always need a good negotiator.
45:19 Five years after rehab Grant makes first million dollars, but did self-esteem return with it?
47:20 Learning the value of time as he developed his business by learning how to sell.
51:06 When Grant says poor people are selfish it’s the middle class he is talking about.
57:35 No-one should ever own their own home.
1:03:15 Why Grant goes broke twice a year.
1:09:34 Until you get your first $100,000, invest in yourself.
1:10:32 What the 2008 crash taught Grant.
1:13:08 How rich people buy time.
1:15:10 You need to meet people, you need friends around the world because it is still about who you know.
1:18:36 The most important thing in Grant’s life is himself as a spiritual unit.
1:22:34 What the next five years hold for Grant.
1:25:06 Why Grant is teaching social media.
1:27:18 How Grant is different from five years ago.
1:28:34 Elon Musk, he’s 10X.
1:32:24 Emotional reply to what Grant feels about being a Father.
1:35:51 Would Grant ever go into Politics?
1:36:22 What scares Grant.
1:37:22 Phone call to the 20-year old Grant.
1:39:43 Success secrets.
1:40:55 Grant is nothing like his public persona.
1:42:08 Brian’s summing up.


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