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Graham Hancock - The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization


Graham Hancock is a British journalist and author of the best-selling books “The Sign and the Seal”, “Fingerprints of the Gods”, the “War God” series, “Supernatural”, and his most recent book America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilisation. He specialises in unconventional theories involving ancient civilisations, stone monuments and megaliths, astrological data from the past, and altered states of consciousness. His books have sold more than five million copies worldwide and have been translated into 27 languages.


00:00 | Trailer
03:14 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:28 Brian’s introduction
06:22 Unexpected health issues with lessons learned
09:49 How Graham researched and wrote his latest book, America Before
15:02 Early near-death experience influenced him
16:03 Scientific discoveries validate his hypothesis, but there is ideological war over our past
30:50 America is so interesting as it is rich in resources and yet was supposed to have limited pre-history
34:35 America was central to the cataclysmic event that took place across the world
42:38 What that cataclysm did to civilization
48:33 Reaction to his opinion that 130,000 years ago people were cleverer than those in the 18th Century
50:51 Amazon rain forest earthwork findings all need to be explained for which DNA may prove helpful
55:55 How Graham keeps up to date with new findings in this field
58:10 These new structures challenge not only the scientific community but the political community too
1:03:35 We truly are all one family, incredibly blessed to be living on this beautiful planet deserving our care
1:06:34 We must learn from the past, yet despite more information available, the number of wars increases
1:08:16 How Graham thinks Americans will react to his new book
1:09;41 Why he says any presidential candidates should participate in 12 Ayahuasca ceremonies
1:13:22 Graham’s own history with Ayahuasca
1:19:02 He thinks the war on drugs is a conspiracy, giving his views on some drug legalisation in America
1:24:27 What he learned from his recent Ayahuasca ceremony
1:28:05 What he hopes to achieve in the next 5-10 years
1:30:38 Graham’s ego
1:31:36 His daily habits
1:36:29 Graham’s super power
1:37:58 What keeps him awake at night
1:39:59 How the 49 years old Graham differed to his 69 years old self
1:43:37 Society will change with our greater understanding of the past
1:44:23 Success secrets
1:45:08 Best advice ever received
1:46:08 Advice to the young person watching
1:47:29 Big promotional tour for America Before
1:48:41 Brian is summing up.


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