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Watch > Episode > George Gilder - Life After Google: How The Singularity & Cryptocurrency Will Redefine Humanity

George Gilder - Life After Google: How The Singularity & Cryptocurrency Will Redefine Humanity


American Investor, Writer & Economist

George Gilder is the American investor, writer, economist, and techno-utopian advocate.

For the past four decades he has written extensively about technology’s key creative role in economic growth and prosperity.

His 1981 bestselling book “Wealth and Poverty” was the most quoted book by Ronald Reagan, and defined the economic revolution of his presidency.

George is a Forbes magazine contributing editor and he has written for The Economist, the Harvard Business Review, and The Wall Street Journal.

George’s latest book, “Life After Google”, describes a future internet, armed with a unique cryptocurrency transaction layer, that will provide a new standard for global money.

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  1. How Blockchain is similar to Isaac Newton engineering the Gold Standard
  2. The computers of the future
  3. Life after Google
  4. The potential dangers of free services
  5. How creativity drives technological growth
  6. How Blockchain gets rid of conflict
  7. The transition to Blockchain
  8. Why reducing tax will help the economy
  9. George on Corporate Tax
  10. 5G Technology
  11. What is it like working for powerful people
  12. George Gilder’s upbringing from a Dairy Farm


0:00 | George Glider snippets
1:51 | London Real Introduction
2:48 | Brian Rose introduces George Glider
5:00 | George Glider talks about Isaac Newton’s invention of the Gold Standard
8:36 | George discusses how the microchip has changed our lives
10:52 | George discusses the problem of depopulation
12:00 | George discusses time prices
14:59 | George discusses that we’re still in a state of economic growth
17:33 | George discusses the premise of his book Life After Google
25:00 | George and Brian discuss AI and it’s creative law
25:27 | Brian asks George if we should be worried about Google
27:00 | George discusses government harassment of big tech
29:17 | George discusses Google’s strategy of aggregate and advertise
33:16 | Brian asks George about the dangers of having free services like Gmail and YouTube
39:00 | George discusses the rise of China’s economy and government influence on those companies
42:00 | George defines capitalism
48:00 | George discusses Jeff Bezos trying to stop climate change
51:35 | George discusses the importance of blockchain technology for internet security and currency trading
59:50 | George discusses who Satoshi Nakamoto is
1:00:45 | Brian asks why we haven’t transitioned to blockchain yet
1:09:30 | George discussing why lowering tax rates helps increase economic growth
1:14:00 | George discusses why innovation and technology will solve coronavirus not governments
1:18:00 | George discusses the Chinese free zones and venture capitalists
1:20:19 | George discusses the benefits of lowering corporate tax laws
1:22:41 | George discusses what parts of Trump’s economic policy he disagrees with
1:27:38 | George discusses 5G and WiFi 6
1:33:14 | George discusses cognitive radios
1:39:12 | George discusses global warming and rising sea levels
1:43:23 | What it was like writing speeches for Richard Nixon
1:47:30 | George talks about his childhood and the Rockefellers
1:50:17 | George talks about his father’s role in WWII and subsequent death
1:54:00 | George discusses his time in the U.S. Marines
1:58:20 | George discusses the best and worst days of his life
2:00:50 | What George is scared of and why China is more technologically advanced
2:04:40 | George discusses the benefits of face recognition
2:12:28 | George discusses advice he’d give to his younger self
2:17:17 | George discusses the best advice from David Rockefeller
2:21:42 | Brian sums up


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