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George Galloway - Ready To Die


British Member of Parliament George Galloway talks to London Real about kissing the Blarney Stone, why he’s not as confident as he appears to be, how he cried when President Obama was elected, why idealism is his principal reason for being in politics, and how he is ready to die and can face his Judgement Day with pride.


“John F. Kennedy once said he got into politics because, ‘That’s where the action is.’ Why did you go into politics?” – Brian (00:30)

“Well they say that politics is show business for ugly people, but as I always say, what would I know about that?” – George (00:40)

“Idealism is my principal reason for being in politics. You may not agree with my ideals, but at least believe I genuinely hold them.” – George (01:52)

“We had some things in common with the Kennedy’s, but many of hundreds of millions of things not.” – George (05:31)

“It just struck me that they seemed to be playing checkers and you were playing chess.” – Brian (05:52)

“I did kiss the Blarney Stone, not once but twice.” – George (06:43)

“Who is the real George Galloway?” – Brian (08:08)

“I don’t sit in my living room addressing my family the same way I address the U.S. Senate.” – George (08:23)

“I like elections, I like winning them, I’ve won a lot of them.” – George (12:51)

“I’m a man like you, if you cut me I bleed like you. Nobody wants to be attacked.” – George (13:49)

“I’m not as confident as I appear to be. The first thing I ask after a speech to the people closest to me is, and I mean it, ‘Was that alright?'” – George (14:23)

“Sometimes vindication takes a lifetime or several lifetimes.” – George (15:05)

“I would have been arrested if I had because I was a known opponent of the Saddam regime.” – George (16:19)

“If the Iraq war would have been a success, you wouldn’t be interviewing me now.” – George (17:19)

“I think is was Shakespeare that said, ‘Treason never prospers, for if it prospers, none dare call it treason.'” – George (17:44)

“I cried on the night he won, on radio live, with tears running down my cheeks.” – George (19:44)

“The Yanks were over paid, over sexed, and over here.” – George (23:32)

“Do you hate America?” – Brian (24:07)

“I just don’t want a special relationship like the one Miss Lewinsky had with President Clinton.” – George (25:06)

“Why does the Falklands draw such a strong reaction?” – Brian (30:03)

“Sean Penn reminds me of you.” – Brian (31:17)

“I know in the past you’ve been questioned whether you are Muslim or not.” – Brian (34:17)

“I was there, I saw the bodies, I saw the blood. It was an act of mass murder.” – George (37:33)

“Indeed these very extremists hate me more than the right wing hate me.” – George (38:43)

“Israel is a democracy for Jews, but it’s not a democracy for the millions of non-Jews, muslims and Christians who live under their military occupation.” – George (43:02)

“I’m guessing you don’t travel to Saudi Arabia much.” – Brian (47:45)

“Saudi Arabia is the unfree-est country in the world, yet it’s America’s and Britain’s best friend in the Arab world.” – George (48:02)

“If you could make a phone call to the George Galloway from 30 years ago, what advice would you give him and would you take it?” – Brian (52:20)

“Do you hate the press? Or do you hate the Murdoch press?” – Brian (54:53)

“A politician complaining about the press is like a ship’s captain complaining about the sea.” – George (55:07)

“I’m ready to die, I can face the Judgement Day with some pride in what I’ve done with my life” – George (58:05)

“I’m not afraid of death, of course I want to live like anyone wants to live, but if someone wants to kill me that’s what will happen if God wills it.” – George (58:20)


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