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Geoff Thompson - Conquer Your Fear


Geoff Thompson is a former bouncer, self-defence instructor, BAFTA winning writer, playwright, author and teacher. His first appearance on London Real causes people stop me on the street weekly to talk about the effect he has had on their lives.

Geoff has a peculiar way of tapping into the male psyche and somehow explaining our misunderstood behaviour patterns as men back to our own somewhat confused cerebral cortex.  His experiences with violence and rage connect with us but his way of articulating these through books and film are what makes Geoff a truly exceptional artist. Please join me this week to Conquer Your Fear.

Thompson’s early life was marked by significant challenges. Growing up in a tough neighbourhood, he experienced bullying and violence, which fueled a deep-seated fear that would come to shape much of his life. The fear he harboured became a powerful motivator, propelling him to seek ways to overcome it and transform himself.

In his quest for personal transformation, Thompson turned to martial arts and self-defence. He began training in traditional martial arts such as karate and kung fu, but he soon realised that these systems did not fully address the real-world violence he encountered on the streets. This realisation prompted him to develop his own pragmatic approach to self-defence, which he later termed “The Fence.”“The Fence” is a concept that involves using body language to create a psychological and physical barrier between oneself and a potential threat. It became a cornerstone of Thompson’s teachings, emphasising the importance of awareness, communication, and personal boundaries in self-defence situations. This approach gained recognition and has been widely adopted in self-defence training globally.

Geoff Thompson’s journey and insights into personal development did not remain confined to the martial arts arena. He channelled his experiences and wisdom into writing, becoming a prolific author. His books cover a range of topics, including martial arts philosophy, personal development, and overcoming fear.

One of his most notable works is “Watch My Back,” an autobiographical account of his early life, struggles with fear, and his journey toward self-mastery. The book not only resonated with martial artists but also found a broader audience interested in personal development and resilience.

In addition to his contributions to literature, Geoff Thompson ventured into the world of film. He wrote the screenplay for the acclaimed British film “Clubbed” (2008), which explores themes of redemption, courage, and personal transformation. The film reflects Thompson’s commitment to storytelling as a means of inspiring and connecting with audiences on a profound level.

Geoff Thompson’s impact extends beyond the written word and the screen. He is a sought-after motivational speaker, sharing his journey and insights with audiences around the world. His talks often centre on the themes of fear, self-mastery, and the transformative power of embracing challenges.

Thompson’s ability to connect with people on a deeply human level, sharing both his vulnerabilities and triumphs, has made him an influential figure in the realms of personal development and motivation. His message resonates with individuals seeking to overcome their own fears and limitations.

Geoff Thompson continues to inspire and empower others through his teachings, writings, and public appearances. His legacy lies not only in his contributions to martial arts and self-defence but also in the lives he has touched through his motivational messages and shared wisdom.

His journey from a place of fear to one of self-mastery showcases the transformative power of resilience and personal development. Through martial arts, writing, filmmaking, and motivational speaking, he has left an enduring mark, encouraging others to confront their fears, embrace challenges, and embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and growth. Thompson’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration for those navigating the path toward a more empowered and fulfilling life.


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