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Gary Davidge - How To Tackle Addiction, Mental Health & Homelessness

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00:00 | Trailer.
02:58 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
04:42 | Brian’s introduction.
05:32 | The best way to change homelessness.
08:00 | Changing thoughts and feelings about the lives of homeless people;
10:59 | Not just offering food and drink but trying to put lives together.
14:38 | Ask yourself, if I had had that upbringing would I have thrived, or become an addict.
18:27 | One fifth of drug addicts are on the streets, four fifths are white collar workers in the City.
24:26 | Why we marginalise homeless people.
26:38 | The synthetic drugs that cause mental problems.
27:55 | Which comes first, drug use or homelessness?
30:56 | There is hope, there is the light.
36:56 | Why women are a massive growing percentage of the homeless, which brings its own problem.
39:43 | Recent legislation has led to an increase in young people on the streets.
42:13 | Gary’s thoughts on drug dealers.
43:42 | Should we legalise drugs?
47:36 | Why more people are dying on the streets.
49:23 | Synthetics and very high potency opioids are a growing problem in the UK.
50:46 | Where there needs to be more work done to prevent people landing up on the streets.
53:53 | What people should do when they see a homeless person asking for money.
55:58 | Recovery capital.
58:34 | the biggest issue in society today.
1:00:44 | How the Thanksgiving meal with Brian and the London Real team can be developed next year.
1:03:41 | Why and how Gary has worked with the homeless every day for nine years.
1:18:09 | To the homeless person watching the next step they can take.
1:20:54 | To the person watching who wants to get more involved.
1:23:16 | To those listening feeling negative, there is hope
1:24:14 | Brian’s summing up.


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