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Watch > Episode > Gabriela Rose - How To Talk To Your Daughter About Crypto

Gabriela Rose - How To Talk To Your Daughter About Crypto


Father/Daughter Crypto Deep Dive

Last Sunday I was lunching on salmon sashimi and tuna rolls with my 17 year old daughter Gaby when she said, “So what is this DeFi thing you’re doing lately? What exactly is crypto?”

The next two hours was probably the best time we’ve had in years, as we bounced from greedy bankers to Fiat currencies to Satoshi Nakamoto to blockchain, Ethereum and beyond!

We both learned so much about each other’s vision and version of money that I thought we would do it LIVE for you!

Join me at 5pm on Friday August 13th and submit your questions LIVE for the “Father/Daughter Crypto Deep Dive”

This could be the same conversation YOU have with your Father, Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather, son, daughter, cousin, coworker or community member.

Crypto and DeFi is coming…time to get educated and be prepared.

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  1. What university is Gabriela Rose going to?
  2. Make money work for you
  3. What is Bitcoin?
  4. What do your friends say about Bitcoin?
  5. Opening my first savings account was horrible
  6. You’re not meant to talk about money
  7. We don’t educate children about money
  8. What happens when DeFi grows so fast?
  9. What’s the link between Bitcoin and diabetes?
  10. Governments can always print more money
  11. Why Baba is a smart woman
  12. Can the government control Bitcoin
  13. Are we going towards a recession
  14. All of you grew up in a Zoo
  15. How much should you put into Bitcoin?
  16. What boarding school thought me about money
  17. I’m going to send you some ETH
  18. America welcomes Gabriela Rose
  19. Don’t use crypto to get rich quick

00:00 Trailer.
02:41 Brian’s introduction.
03:45 A real conversation about money between a father and daughter and what prompted it.
07:20 Our relationship with money: learn from Robert Kiyosaki, assets, not pay cheques.
11:32 What is Bitcoin?
14:32 The concept of digital property.
18:32 What happens when a currency gets hacked?
21:16 Who already uses Bitcoin?
22:44 What is DeFi?
27:53 There is a stigma around learning about finance. We do not talk about money and entrepreneurship.
30:19 Will exponential growth in cryptocurrencies lead to a crash like the dot com bubble?
39:37 Michael Saylor’s enthusiasm for Bitcoin encouraged Elon Musk to invest.
44.00 History has taught people to protect themselves from devaluation.
49:25 The role of miners and what is proof of stake.
51:58 Countries like China, Russia and the USA become nervous knowing they are not in control of Crypto.
54:34 Unlike banking, Crypto does not offer security, it is a personal risk the individual has to own.
1:01:00 Web development over the last few decades.
1: 03:28 Will Bitcoin survive and what percentage of assets should be invested in Crypto currencies?
1:07:00 How Gabriela feels about Crypto and the challenges Brian sets her.
1:13:24 Comments from viewers.
1:13:48 We need a more entrepreneurial approach to education.
1:15:11 Where to start learning about Crypto with no prior experience.
1:19:05 Gabriela’s final thoughts.
1:20:06 Don’t invest in Crypto with the aim of making money quickly and then selling.
1:20:25 Brian’s summing up.


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