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Gabor Mate - Childhood Trauma Creates Addiction


Close Encounters With Addiction

Dr Gabor Maté, is a renowned speaker, physician and bestselling author.

He has written several bestselling books including the award-winning In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction which is based on his findings from twelve years practicing medicine in Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside, North America’s most concentrated area of drug use.

As well as addiction, he is known for his expertise on a range of topics including stress, the mind-body connection and childhood trauma.

Through his work, he is reframing how we view all human development.


00:00 | Trailer
03:26 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:33 | Brian’s introduction
06:03 | The pin Gabor Maté proudly wears in his lapel
07:17 | Gabor’s wife issued an ultimatum after 49 years of marriage
10:54 | Learning how to just be and find fulfillment in just being in relationships particularly with young children
23:54 | Why parents need to matter more than peers
33:19 | Step parents first need to develop a relationship with the child
37:48 | Why Silicone Valley chiefs are correct not to allow their children to see a screen device
46:12 | An addiction shared by Gabor Maté and Brian Rose
51:12 | Gabor picks up on Brian’s comparison of traumatic experiences in the London Real film Ironmind
57:26 | Is it possible to raise children without trauma
59:47 | Gabor sees Donald Trump as a highly traumatised person
1:03:03 | Gabor asks Brian whether Ironman racing has become his new addiction
1:08:25 | Brian is concerned he is falsely justifying the obsession which is driving his workaholism
1:10:12 | Gabor’s insight on John Joseph’s statement that he cannot forgive those who abused him as a child
1:18:12 | Former drug addicts do not see the logic in using psychedelic drugs like ayahuasca to help them
1:21:57 | Iboga can change an active heroin user into a non-user overnight, but it is no panacea
1:25:20 | Not everyone who is traumatised becomes addicted, but everyone who is addicted was traumatised
1:26:34 | Medical students need a year’s course on how trauma affects people from a scientific aspect
1:29:16 | Good advice for when returning from an Ayahuasca ceremony
1:31:52 | Why people sometimes refer to Gabor Maté as the people whisperer
1:33:26 | The power of opiates is that they offer three major qualities without which life is unliveable
1:38:08 | How Gabor feels about the way addicts and traumatised people are treated in America
1:40:27 | Working with addicts in downtown Vancouver
1:42:03 | What to do about the opiate epidemic in America and the dangerous move to fentanyl in Canada
1:46:38 | Is current world unrest and environmental issues a result of our ourselves or our relationship with ourselves
1:51:49 | Gabor has no idea of how much time he has left, but does everything he can to keep healthy
1:53:54 | Could he have told the 20 years old Gabor what he knows now and what was he like then
1:55:54 | Success Secrets
1:56:39 | Brian’s summing up.


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