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Evan Luthra - The Best Way To Predict the Future Is To Build It


Angel Investor & 2X Forbes Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur

“I thrive on failure. I am where I am because I look at failure as a lesson, not the final step.”

Technology is reshaping the very fabric of our existence. From the seamless connectivity of the digital age to the boundless opportunities unlocked by artificial intelligence, the impact of technology is revolutionising industries, amplifying human potential, and fostering innovation at an unprecedented pace.

It serves as a catalyst for societal change, influencing how we interact with the world; redefining what’s possible, and propelling us to a future where the boundaries of imagination blur with reality.

Our social media platforms have evolved into digital town squares, where ideas are exchanged, communities forged, and movements born. Meanwhile, advancements in virtual and augmented reality are transcending physical limitations, offering immersive experiences that redefine how we perceive and interact with our surroundings.

With each innovation, technology is not only shaping our external environment but also shaping the very essence of the human experience, challenging us to reconsider the boundaries of possibility and paving the way for a future limited only by the scope of our imagination.

Today’s guest is someone who understands this more than most, and believes wholeheartedly in the power of technology to create a better, more harmonious world that enriches the lives of the many, not the few. Evan Luthra is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain expert, investor, and motivational speaker.

Like many an entrepreneur before him, Evan’s light was shining bright from a young age as his insatiable curiosity for all things digital, saw him create a tech-centric news platform that built up a readership of more than 250,000, all at the tender age of 12. Evan duly sold this business for $1.7 million as a world of opportunity opened up in front of his eyes.

A Forbes 30 Under 30 luminary at 27, Evan’s trajectory skyrocketed alongside the birth of Bitcoin and the blockchain, where Evan found a home for his innovative approach and the opportunity to invest in the type of ventures that are reimagining the world as we know it.

Staying perpetually ahead of the curve, he’s become a household name in startup circles, pioneering a slew of companies and crafting products embraced by millions worldwide.

Through Startup Studio, his cutting edge incubator fund, Evan empowers non-tech entrepreneurs with the tools and marketing necessary to take their business ideas to the next level and with over 400 companies nurtured, Evan’s commitment to fostering innovation knows no bounds.

A sought-after speaker on the global stage, Evan’s insights on entrepreneurship, and emerging tech trends have captivated audiences at prestigious venues worldwide. From TED Talks to the halls of academia, Evan’s expertise underscores his commitment to exploring and embracing the next frontier of digital innovation.

Evan’s someone I really enjoy spending time with. His energy and attitude are infectious, while his bold outlook for the future is one of hope. If you’re looking for the latest insights from the world of crypto and blockchain or harbouring business ideas of your own, this is an interview you do not want to miss. Big things are happening in the world, and it’s only by getting informed and levelling up that you can take advantage of this profound economic shift.

“I’ve been in the crypto space since 2014… A bull run is just around the corner, so it’s time to keep a watchful eye on the market.”

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  1. Bitcoin’s adoption is growing
  2. The smartest people in the world are in Web3 and blockchain
  3. How blockchain will revolutionise industries
  4. The tokenisation revolution
  5. How blockchain will shape humanity for the good
  6. We’re already in the metaverse
  7. Why NFTs are special
  8. The future of NFTs
  9. It’s all about community in crypto
  10. Investing vs Trading
  11. I was a KoL before it was cool
  12. Crypto cash flow – Easy access, difficult success
  13. Casa NFT – Crypto and good times
  14. I have a lot of passion for technology
  15. How my parents helped me succeed
  16. It’s all about the journey
  17. The best way to predict the future is to go build it
  18. Building freedom for my loved ones
  19. My mantra is to help you in life


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