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Eva Schloss - Surviving Auschwitz


Eva Schloss is a Holocaust survivor, educator, and peace activist. In 1944 her family was captured by the Nazis, and transported to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, where she and her mother survived until they were freed in 1945. She is also the stepsister of Anne Frank, whose book “The Diary of Anne Frank” has been published in over 60 languages, and tells the story of a 13 year old girl, hiding in Amsterdam from the Nazis. In 2012 she was awarded the MBE, and she has written three detailed books about her experiences.


00:00 | Trailer
04:20 Brian’s thoughts about the episode
07:02 Brian’s introduction
07:40 Eva’s memories of London from 1952, as she begins to make a new life
13:29 Growing up in Vienna, Austria, she had a spirit of adventure
18:30 Registered in a Jewish community, but with no anti-semitism until the Nazis marched in
22:11 How an uneducated man like Hitler came to be elected and the rise of antisemitism in Germany
26:24 Everyone thought the communists were the enemy, but Churchill realized it was the Nazis
29:24 Eva thanks the Russians for her liberation, paying tribute to their courage and sacrifice in WWII
29:56 From 1938, people’s rights were slowly taken from them
32:50 Can you imagine what it feels like to a child to realise you are nothing
34:59 1939: Eva moves to Holland where she meets Anne Frank
38:54 Eva meets Otto Frank, the father of Anne
39:38 1940: The Germans invaded Holland, and there was nowhere to escape
40:51 The steps that were taken against the Jewish people, and the time when children started to disappear
43:01 1942: The family split up to go into hiding for two years
47:37 Betrayed
48:58 What it was like as a teenager to be in hiding
51:31 Anne Frank was also in hiding, writing her diary which became the book “The Diary of a Young Girl
“54:15 “Night” by Elie Wiesel in 1960 — too early for people to learn what happened in concentration camps
56:15 On Eva’s 15th birthday, someone knocked on the door, and she was taken to Gestapo HQ for questioning
58:17 She was in shock and was imprisoned with hundreds of other people
After that, they were brought to a holding camp
1:01:06 Transportation to Auschwitz with no hope of staying alive
It was the camp where the family is split up
1:09:30 Eva sees it all in front of her as if it were just yesterday
The images in her head
will never go away
1:10:23 Josef Mengele chose who should live and who should die
1:14:04 The time when they were treated like an animal
1:22:56 How do you keep any kind of hope in this type of situation
1:23:44 Two miracles happen
1:35:26 She witnessed terrible scenes of death
1:39:54 Eva made an amazingly courageous move
1:41:17 Eva nearly gave up and then another miracle happened
1:46:17 In January 1945, there was another miracle for Eva
1:54:24 The Russians arrived and traveled across Europe
2:05:14 Travelling from Odessa to Holland
2:14:23 The last straw for Eva
2:17:36 What the following years were like for Eva
2:19:00 Eva made a plea for today’s refugees and gave advice for Donald Trump
2:23:20 How Eva sees the world today

2:27:51 Her view of the Nuremberg Trials
2:29:18 The way the world is going now scares Eva
2:30:43 Are there still necessary reparations that must be made
2:36:19 How Eva has healed over the years
2:41:13 The world scares her now more than during the period after WWII
2:43:25 Eva and her mother found the thirty paintings Otto (Anne Frank’s brother) hid under the floorboards
2:46:54 What Eva wants people to take from this episode
2:55:09 Brian was summing up.


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