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Watch > Episode > Eunice Wong - Women in Web3: Inspiring a New Generation of Crypto Investors

Eunice Wong - Women in Web3: Inspiring a New Generation of Crypto Investors


Crypto Trader & Fin-Fluencer

“Many women and men approach me to share insights about how to get into this space, to do what I do, to get out of the matrix and be free.”

Today’s livestream features a woman who has made Dubai her home while blazing a trail in the world of crypto and DeFi investing, with the goal to inspire women everywhere to pursue financial freedom and embrace the potentiality that Web3 offers.

Eunice Wong is a prolific trader, advisor, investor, and passionate advocate for women in finance who is rapidly emerging as a leading figure in the crypto space with nearly a million followers across her social media.

Eunice’s professional journey began in the corporate world, where she worked as a Business Manager and later contributed to Uber’s Community Operation. However, her foray into the world of cryptocurrency and decentralised finance occurred during the pandemic, marking a pivotal shift in her perspective and career trajectory.

Growing tired of corporate politics and the lack of opportunity, Eunice changed direction, and pursued a lifelong interest in the world of finance. Having garnered some basic trading tips and advice, Eunice took her first foray into the stock market, where success quickly followed, before discovering cryptocurrency and the fast paced risk reward nature of the industry.

Leaning on the wisdom of experienced friends and colleagues Eunice rapidly shaped her skills in technical analysis and trading strategies. Simultaneously, she began posting her story on social media, gaining immense popularity for her live trades on Twitter. Her unique approach and insights have since garnered her a massive following, making her one of the most influential figures in the game.

Eunice’s trading approach involves a combination of technical analysis and psychological awareness. Recognising patterns, her philosophy is summed up as “buy the fear, sell the greed”

Eunice explains you have to make sure you go through the charts every day, put the work in and be vigilant, but ultimately this is not an environment for the inexperienced. She encourages anyone interested to take a safety first approach, seek good advice from trusted sources and most importantly – learn.

While Eunice initially started with trading, she has transitioned to investing. Diversifying her portfolio and making strategic investments in projects aligned with her vision, she aims for long-term financial independence. Her decisions are guided by gut feelings, advice from close friends in the industry, and shared values on upcoming DeFi projects.

Eunice’s success in trading and investing has enabled her to contribute to a broader cause – female empowerment. Her goal is to inspire as many women as possible to be courageous, confident, and financially independent by entering the Web3 space. With this vision front and centre, Eunice uses her platform to share her experiences as a source of knowledge for others.

Hailing from Australia, Eunice has now made the permanent move to Dubai, having been won over by the friendly and welcoming culture. Eunice firmly believes this region reflects what a progressive modern city should look like, and highlights the technological innovation and business development at the heart of their vision for the future.

“People here seem to have a hunger and ambition for things, the country is constantly developing with new and exciting projects on the way. The opportunities are endless!”

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  1. From humble beginnings to crypto riches
  2. Empowering the people – The true purpose of crypto and decentralisation
  3. Exceeding expectations – My altcoin trading strategy
  4. Emotional regulation – Essential advice for traders
  5. Transforming my life – A journey from regular job to success
  6. Trader’s quest – Pursuing freedom through financial success
  7. Exploring consciousness – Ayahuasca, past life regression and the search for meaning
  8. World Economic Forum – A strange turn of events
  9. Crypto – Empowering individuals and challenging centralised systems
  10. Establishing principles – The key to success in trading
  11. The Middle East – A new frontier
  12. Viewing relationships as investments
  13. Breaking barriers – Women in the male-dominated crypto world
  14. Harnessing haters – Turning negativity into fuel for success
  15. Empowering women in crypto – Expert advice for aspiring traders
  16. Success strategies for introverts


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