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Elliott Hulse - The Body Is The Mind


Elliott Hulse is a powerhouse of thought and passion. Through YouTube, Elliott has established himself as a legendary strength coach and moved millions of people to find direction, whether it be in business, through starting meditation or just by getting them off the couch to train and take action.

A former pro strongman, Elliott is not afraid of hard work, but it’s his hunger for knowledge, his ability for deep self-reflection, and his energetic communication skills that make him an incredible teacher too.

Honest, committed, and engaged, Elliott is on a journey of his own and in this episode of London Real you’ll see him get more open and vulnerable than ever before, even revealing his thoughts and experiences with psychedelics for the first time on camera.

Elliott has been one of the most requested guests on London Real for years, and now finally, now the wait is over. Prepare for two hours of mind-blowing insight and inspiration because Elliott Hulse just got real!

Elliott Hulse transcends the conventional boundaries of a fitness coach. Beyond the barbells and weight plates, Hulse is a philosopher, entrepreneur, author, and motivator who has crafted a unique space in the world of personal development and holistic wellness.

Born on March 10, 1979, Elliott Hulse’s journey into the realm of strength began in his youth. Growing up in a small town in Florida, he discovered a passion for lifting weights and testing the limits of his physical abilities. This early fascination with strength laid the foundation for what would become a remarkable career in the fitness industry.

Hulse’s prowess in strength sports led him to compete as a professional strongman. His achievements in strongman competitions showcased not only his physical prowess but also his commitment to pushing the boundaries of human strength. However, it was clear that Hulse’s journey was destined to evolve beyond the confines of traditional strength sports.

In 2007, Elliott Hulse founded Strength Camp, a physical and virtual space that transcends the typical gym experience. Strength Camp is not merely a place for lifting weights; it’s a sanctuary for individuals seeking holistic growth and self-discovery. Hulse’s approach goes beyond sets and reps, emphasising the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The holistic philosophy at Strength Camp aligns with Hulse’s belief in becoming the strongest version of oneself. This concept encompasses not only physical strength but also mental resilience, emotional intelligence, and spiritual awareness. The gym becomes a laboratory for self-exploration, a place where individuals embark on a transformative journey guided by Hulse’s wisdom.

Elliott Hulse’s impact extends globally through his influential presence on YouTube. With over two million subscribers, his channel is a treasure trove of educational content, motivational speeches, and insightful discussions. Hulse’s ability to blend practical fitness advice with philosophical musings has garnered him a dedicated following seeking more than just workout routines.

His videos touch on a myriad of topics, from strength training techniques to life principles and deep philosophical inquiries. Hulse invites viewers into his world, encouraging them to question, explore, and evolve. His authenticity and openness resonate with audiences, creating a virtual community centred around growth and self-improvement.

What sets Elliott Hulse apart is his incorporation of unconventional practices into the realm of fitness. He delves into the mind-body connection, exploring the intricate ways our physical and mental states influence each other. Hulse advocates for grounding techniques, bioenergetics, and unconventional exercises that go beyond the physical to tap into the deeper layers of human experience.

As an author, Elliott Hulse has translated his holistic philosophy into the written word. In “King: The Four Layer Approach to Becoming the Strongest Version of Yourself,” he provides a comprehensive guide to his four-layered approach, incorporating physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength. The book serves as a roadmap for individuals seeking a holistic transformation, offering practical insights and philosophical wisdom.

Elliott Hulse’s legacy is an ongoing narrative of evolution and empowerment. His impact reaches far beyond the gym, influencing individuals from all walks of life. The Strength Camp ethos, his YouTube presence, and his written works collectively form a legacy that transcends the limitations of traditional fitness coaching.

As Hulse continues to evolve and share his insights, his legacy will undoubtedly inspire future generations to embrace the holistic journey of becoming the strongest versions of themselves. In the ever-expanding universe of Elliott Hulse, strength is not just a physical attribute, it’s a harmonious integration of mind, body, and spirit, creating a symphony of personal growth and transformation.


00:00 | Trailer
00:54 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:45 | Brian’s Introduction
06:09 | Elliott’s first impressions of London
09:16 | Contrasting Florida to London
10:40 | Diversity within the State of Florida
14:47 | Transcending superficial identity issues
18:47 | Active meditation, taking the British out of their comfort zone
23:36 | What is missing from target driven gym work-outs
27:47 | Harmonising the western mind with the eastern mind
30:30 | Why Elliott stopped making YouTube videos at the height of their success
35:35 | Using YouTube as a business tool in its early days
37:33 | What finally decided Elliott in 2014 to stop making videos
39:06 | What he did afterwards
41:15 | Taking time to realign with his natural body rhythms
45:12 | Returning to podcasting in 2015, a wiser man
47:27 | Carl Jung says ‘you can be inflated by the light and it can be so powerful it can change you’
53:34 | Elliott’s relationship with money
57:46 | Family values and the work-life balance dilemma
1:00:59 | Colleen Hulse in the gym and on camera
1:03:52 | Does he think his children should appear on camera
1:05:08 | Steroid use and their adverse effect on him
1:10:31 | What it takes to be a pro Strongman
1:11:26 | Kali Muscle Body builder vs Elliott Hulse Strongman
1:12:38 | People from around the world turn up to train at Strength Camp
1:13:52 | Dealing with public recognition
1:16:00 | Writing his goals down and keeping different journals
1:18:00 | How he interprets his dreams
1:20:31 | Not holding on to the bad times, but moving forward
1:22:08 | The value of good mentors
1:26:27 | Connecting mind and body through Dynamic Meditation, Sharmans and Ayahuasca
1:43:46 | Taking his first camping vacation
1:48:29 | Elliott’s music associated memories
1:50:50 | Success Secrets
1:51:26 | How Elliott facilitates the body is the mind concept as body changes with age
1:54:12 | What is a non-job
1:58:51 | Thoughts on parenting
2:03:59 | Reading and meditation habits
2:07:42 | Phone call to 20 year old Elliott Hulse
2:10:27 | Best advice Elliott ever received
2:12:28 | Advice to the 20 year olds who want to do what Elliott does
2:13:11 | Brian’s summing up.


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