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Elliott Hulse - How To Become The Alpha Male


Founder & CEO of Strength Camp

Elliott Hulse is an American Strongman, Strength Coach, & CEO of Strength Camp. He is a self-made entrepreneur, who overcame learning disabilities and disadvantages, to become one of the most prolific visionary-leaders to a generation of men. He runs the Strength Camp Gym in Florida, and travel the world holding Grounding Camp that use tribal dancing, breathing and active meditation, to help men, break free, from self-limiting beliefs.


00:00 | Trailer
04:14 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
06:46 Brian’s introduction
07:32 Brian’s gratitude to Elliott for what he has done
09:08 Make America alpha again: a controversial call for men to become strong men again
12:00 What Elliott sees as the present status of men
15:49 His perception of how this situation has come about
17:20 A time of breakdown, but is he worried
19:05 Male circumcision is very common in America and Elliott has strong views on this
23:03 Can masculinity and femininity exist in a gender equality society
25:58 We now have emasculated men and masculine women
28:28 When he first realized men were struggling to find their role
30:01 What the reactions to what he, Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris are saying tell him about men today
31:34 The concept of the Alpha male and Beta male
35:19 Elliott’s views on the MeToo movement
37:14 Donald Trump indicates polarity at its finest
41:21 Elliott’s relationship with the media and the internet and how he advocates men interact with it
44:34 Elliott’s own period of self-doubt led to an awakening
47:18 His, men only, grounding camps
49:35 A dominant male society has the potential to destroy itself, should women have the vote
52:39 Following ancient tribes in the practice of initiation
57:08 London Real’s most-watched episodes are viewed by young men looking for older role models
59:03 In middle age Elliott took the time to examine his wounds and marijuana to examine his feminine side
1:10:01 Brian recalls Elliott saying, “Your demons keep coming back up even when you thought them gone
“1:11:09 Why, during his Grounding Camp in London, he used Osho meditation
1:18:18 Dissolving the ego and putting it in its proper place
1:23:36 By doing the Osho meditations Elliott wants men to get to a state of non-judgment
1:26:16 Using dance at grounding camp
1:30:06 What he is offering to people who attend his camps
1:34:02 Is Elliott a Sharman
1:35:31 What deeply wounded Elliott
1:44:06 The quadratic psychic
1:46:08 Elliott’s thoughts on the current division of the races
1:54:12 Elliott’s daily practices and the circadian rhythms of life
1:59:46 What is Elliott’s superpower
2:03:27 Elliott’s best and worst days
2:12:36 What scares Elliott
2:13:29 What Elliott thinks he might be doing in ten years

2:15:41 What keeps him awake at night
2:17:14 What he would tell the 20 years old Elliott
2:18:35 Best advice he ever received
2:19:51 Success Secrets
2:21:04 Brian’s summing up.


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