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Elena Cardone - How To Build An Empire And Have It All


Elena Cardone is an actress, author, powerhouse businesswoman, personal development coach, and public speaker. She is currently the co-host “The G&E Show” with her husband, Grant Cardone, the bestselling author, entrepreneur and investor.

Together they have created a real estate portfolio of nearly one-billion dollars. Her new book “Build An Empire: How to Have it All” lays the groundwork for creating, building, and defending an empire, via career and marriage, based on the real-life, time-tested and proven principles she has used over the past 15 years. In this fascinating conversation with Brian Rose, Elena discusses her work, the impact of entrepreneurial activities and what comes next for the Cardone brand.

Born on July 5, 1972, in Spain, she has become a beacon of strength for women seeking empowerment, a business mogul alongside her husband Grant Cardone, and an advocate for creating lasting success in both professional and personal spheres.

Elena Cardone’s journey into the world of business and empowerment has its roots in her early life experiences. Raised in a traditional Spanish household, she developed a resilient spirit that would later drive her to overcome challenges and chart her own course. Her foray into the business world began with modelling and acting, providing her with a platform to express her creativity and determination.

The turning point in Elena’s life came when she met Grant Cardone, a successful entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. Their partnership not only transformed their individual lives but also set the stage for a dynamic collaboration in both business and personal development.

Elena Cardone has been an integral part of the Cardone Enterprises empire. As the Chief Marketing Officer of Cardone Capital, she has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of the real estate investment firm founded by Grant Cardone. Her strategic vision and marketing expertise have contributed to the expansion of Cardone Capital into a significant player in the real estate industry.

Elena Cardone is also a co-author alongside her husband, Grant, in the best-selling book “The 10X Rule.” The book outlines a philosophy of setting ambitious goals and taking massive actions to achieve unprecedented success. Elena’s contributions to the book reflect her belief in the power of mindset and perseverance, emphasising the importance of thinking and acting at levels beyond the ordinary.

Elena Cardone is a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment. In her book “Build An Empire,” she shares insights into her personal and professional journey, aiming to inspire women to pursue their ambitions fearlessly. She also hosts the podcast “Women in Power,” where she interviews successful women from various fields, providing a platform for them to share their stories and insights.

Elena and Grant Cardone have two daughters, Sabrina and Scarlett, and their family life is a testament to the values of unity and personal development. Elena emphasises the importance of building strong family foundations while pursuing ambitious goals. The Cardone family serves as a living example of how success in business can be harmoniously integrated with a fulfilling family life.

Elena Cardone’s influence extends beyond the written word. As a dynamic and engaging speaker, she has addressed audiences on topics ranging from business success to personal development. Her message resonates with both men and women, encouraging them to overcome challenges, set audacious goals, and live life on their terms.

Elena Cardone, alongside her husband, hosts the “G&E (Grant and Elena) Show” and the “Empire Podcast,” where they share insights into building empires, navigating challenges, and achieving success in various aspects of life. Elena’s authenticity, resilience, and commitment to continuous growth shine through in her public persona, making her a relatable figure for those striving to reach new heights.

Elena Cardone’s legacy is still unfolding as she continues to impact the lives of individuals seeking success and empowerment. Her dedication to empowering women, building business empires, and fostering personal development leaves an enduring mark on the landscape of entrepreneurship and self-improvement.


00:00 | Trailer
02:58 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:18 Brian’s introduction
05:54 Passionately believes everyone is capable of achieving the title of her first book Build an Empire
08:55 Why she has been disappointed by the billionaires she has met
09:58 Imagine the contribution to the planet if we all lived up to our full potential
11:49 How Elena envisions her role in her partnership with the beast
19:56 Why she advocates building an empire and a royal court
22:01 Elena tells Grant she is not going to die, to go figure something out, because she is not dying,24:18 Everyone may desire a partner like Elena, but could they step up to the plate
29:08 Her own personal discipline
31:31 How she defused Grant’s initial negative reaction to her billionaire concept
35:10 The reason behind her wanting a Jet, and other steps towards building an empire
39:50 How to build an ambitious partnership
41:31 Right or die
41:58 Growing up in New Orleans49:08 Going to LA at 17 where young actresses who don’t have core values are easily pliable
52:01 When Elena met Grant it was a slow burn
55:58 The 2008 crisis changed Elena’s life and she faced the naysayers
58:01 Be a gold digger
1:02:51 When Grant says she is not on top of her game, it is part of their relationship
1:06:12 Seek your own counsel, do not backbite to friends or on social media about your marriage
1:10:32 What would happen if one of them had an affair
1:15:35 Sex – no headaches allowed
1:17:03 What do most people not know or understand about Elena
1:19:17 The criteria by which Elena assesses people
1:20:59 How Elena thinks about being a mother and the importance of motherhood in general
1:22:24 Where does Elena think she and Grant will be in five years time
1:23:28 What she loves about shooting
1:25:02 Marshall Arts are so similar to the business world
1:26:13 Her daily habits
1:26:50 Best and worst day of her life
1:29:06 What we might be surprised to learn about Elena
1:31:41 What scares her
1:32:07 What keeps her awake at night
1:33:46 Phone call to the 20 years old Elena
1:35:21 Best advice she ever received
1:36:38 Success Secrets
1:37:46 Brian’s summing up.


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