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Elena Cardone - Build An Empire - How To Have It All

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Elena Cardone is an actress, author, businesswoman, personal development coach, and public speaker. She is currently the co-host “The G&E Show” with her husband, Grant Cardone, the bestselling author, entrepreneur and investor.

Together they have created a real estate portfolio of nearly one-billion dollars. Her new book “Build An Empire – How to Have it All”, lays the groundwork for creating, building, and defending an empire, via career and marriage, based on the real-life, time-tested and proven principles, she has used over the past 15 years.

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00:00 | Trailer
02:58 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
05:18 Brian’s introduction
05:54 Passionately believes everyone is capable of achieving the title of her first book Build an Empire
08:55 Why she has been disappointed by the billionaires she has met
09:58 Imagine the contribution to the planet if we all lived up to our full potential
11:49 How Elena envisions her role in her partnership with the beast
19:56 Why she advocates building an empire and a royal court
22:01 Elena tells Grant she is not going to die, to go figure something out, because she is not dying,24:18 Everyone may desire a partner like Elena, but could they step up to the plate
29:08 Her own personal discipline
31:31 How she defused Grant’s initial negative reaction to her billionaire concept
35:10 The reason behind her wanting a Jet, and other steps towards building an empire
39:50 How to build an ambitious partnership
41:31 Right or die
41:58 Growing up in New Orleans49:08 Going to LA at 17 where young actresses who don’t have core values are easily pliable
52:01 When Elena met Grant it was a slow burn
55:58 The 2008 crisis changed Elena’s life and she faced the naysayers
58:01 Be a gold digger
1:02:51 When Grant says she is not on top of her game, it is part of their relationship
1:06:12 Seek your own counsel, do not backbite to friends or on social media about your marriage
1:10:32 What would happen if one of them had an affair
1:15:35 Sex – no headaches allowed
1:17:03 What do most people not know or understand about Elena
1:19:17 The criteria by which Elena assesses people
1:20:59 How Elena thinks about being a mother and the importance of motherhood in general
1:22:24 Where does Elena think she and Grant will be in five years time
1:23:28 What she loves about shooting
1:25:02 Marshall Arts are so similar to the business world
1:26:13 Her daily habits
1:26:50 Best and worst day of her life
1:29:06 What we might be surprised to learn about Elena
1:31:41 What scares her
1:32:07 What keeps her awake at night
1:33:46 Phone call to the 20 years old Elena
1:35:21 Best advice she ever received
1:36:38 Success Secrets
1:37:46 Brian’s summing up.


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