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Ed Mylett - #MaxOut Your Life: How To Become An Elite Performer & Elevate Your Life To New Heights


American business coach, mentor/keynote speaker and entrepreneur

Ed Mylett is an American entrepreneur, business coach, author, and international keynote speaker.

Starting from nothing he started earning a 6 figure income in his twenties. Today he has a net worth over $400 million, and was named in Forbes “Top 50 wealthiest under 50”.

He hosts the number one business podcast “The Ed Mylett Show”, where he interviews peak-performers including David Goggins, Rachel Hollis, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Jay Shetty.

His best-selling book “#MaxOut Your Life” details his strategies for creating a personal identity, building self-confidence, and developing the will to win.

Today he is one of the top business leaders and peak performance experts in the world, and his mission is to inspire as many people as possible to create permanent and positive change in their lives.

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1. Happiness & Comparison
2. Live In The Present
3. Growth And Achievement To Serve
4. Eddy Spaghetti
5. 90% Of People Are Unhappy
6. Self Confidence
7. Push Yourself To Always Do ‘One More’
8. Be The Thermostat
9. Changing Your Identity
10. Shame
11. Making Money
12. Leadership
13. Covid & Businesses
14. Covid
15. US, Protests, Politics
16. Future Of Politics
17. Parenthood
18. Faith


00:00 | Trailer.
02:38 | Brian’s introduction.
03:28 | Look for happiness, avoid making comparisons.
08:20 | Blissfully dissatisfied.
12.06 | Being self-aware.
16:16 | Learning to be satisfied.
20:26 | Growing, continuing to achieve attracts people, then you can make an impact.
23:34 | Benefit from meditation practice.
26:44 | The contrast in Ed Mylett’s life from his early Eddy Spaghetti beginnings.
31:17 | Living a life of monotonous existence: people’s environment needs changing.
33:32 | Where self-confidence comes from.
41:45 | The difference between the thermometers and the temperature controllers.
44:14 | Your identity is your key.
50:09 | What Ed Mylett learned from a shameful period in his life.
58:26 | The way he went from $40,000,000 to $400,000,000.
1:03:02 | Is playing with scared money in Poker a similar analogy to when he is working in scarcity.
1:04:57 | Money has to work for you, think about your identity: are you resting on your laurels.
1:10:14 | Everyone should have a mentor who challenges them.
1:16:12 | What Ed Mylett believes leadership should be.
1:19:06 | Ed Mylett’s thoughts on Covid-19 and its effect on the future.
1:26:04 | Can people work as efficiently from home as they can by working together in an office?
1:28:13 | Now will herald a time of huge change and progress.
1:29:36 | Ed Mylett’s take on the spirit of the American people today.
1:32:05 | Politics is polarising public thinking.
1:35:40 | The digital age culture distances people from their humanity, rather than using its ability to aid understanding.
1:39:34 | Will Ed Mylett run for President?
1:42:51 | His views on parenting.
1:49:32 | Ed Mylett talks about his faith and his relationship with God.
1:56:36 | Best and worst day of his life.
1:57:24 | What scares him.
1:59:03 | Success secrets.
1:59:45 | Brian’s summing up.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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