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Watch > Episode > Eben Pagan - Opportunity - How To Find, Create And Thrive From Opportunities In Your Life

Eben Pagan - Opportunity - How To Find, Create And Thrive From Opportunities In Your Life


Project Life Mastery

Eben Pagan is an American entrepreneur, author, and speaker known for his expertise on business management, growth and personal development, particularly through internet marketing. Back in the 2000s Eben discovered this business almost by accident, with his massively successful Double Your Dating ebook using the pen name David DeAngelo. Today he travels the world six months a year, runs all of his businesses virtually (with no office), and has been chosen by Tony Robbins as one of his “New Money Masters”.

Dating Coach to Entrepreneur

Eben Pagan delighted and surprised me. I knew he would be interesting and helpful to a niche group of London Realer’s, but I didn’t realise the breadth of knowledge and insight he has.

Eben is an American entrepreneur, author, and speaker, best known for giving dating advice for men. Currently, he is also widely regarded as an expert in internet marketing, business management, and personal growth.

Tony Robbins’ New Money Masters

Chosen by Tony Robbins as one of his New Money Masters, Eben sat down with me and talked honestly about his life, fears, ambitions and how he’s incredibly optimistic about the future.

I learned a ton from Eben Pagan in this episode and I’m sure you will too.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Growing up in Eugene with Brooklyn parents
  • Being an autodidact and the books and people that influenced him the most
  • What prompted him to write the Double Your Dating eBook and David DeAngelo
  • Who he was named after and why he often goes by another name
  • How to design products that people actually want
  • The secret to easy marketing and why email is still important
  • Asset appreciation and investing to create wealth
  • The Hero’s Journey and how it applies to life and success
  • His mentorship with Tony Robbins
  • His new book, daily rituals, parenting and why he makes a yearly pilgrimage to Burning Man


00:00 | Trailer
03:49 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
06:35 | Brian’s introduction
07:17 | Being alert to different marketing techniques and opportunities in countries he visits
10:02 | Entrepreneurship and selling in Europe is different to that in the US
12:43 | Eben’s background and the early days of his enquiring and entrepreneurial nature
19:49 | The key, is assuming that whatever you want to know, you can learn
20:56 | Paradigm shift for Eben as he learns how to get a date
27:19 | Marketing his first book Double Your Dating
31:37 | I’m free ‚Äì another paradigm shift
34:42 | Success leads to business
38:20 | What marketing is and why there is a human disconnect between business, sales and marketing
43:19 | A good product sells itself
45:52 | How Eben’s personality has impacted his business and financial success
48:54 | How the dating game changed and ‘the pick-up artist’ came into being
51:43 | The advent and capability of internet marketing
55:34 | Email remains a primary method of marketing
58:31 | Learning how to spend the money you make, to become wealthy
1:14:32 | The need to be willing to personally change when learning a new skill
1:17:05 | Eben’s admiration for Tony Robbins
1:21:14 | Eben’s book, Opportunity, is a manual for the incredible changes coming in next ten years
1:23:17 | Learning new models and new methods and creating new ways of creating things out here in reality
1:32:41 | Creating an opportunity network
1:37:32 | What Burning Man is like
1:43:59 | Get out of their model of reality and go far out of their world
1:47:36 | Eben’s daily habits
1:52:36 | Best and worst days of his life
1:56:45 | What scares him
1:58:02 | What he thinks he will be doing in 20 years time
2:01:45 | Phone call to the 20 year old Eben Pagan
2:03:21 | Best advice he ever received
2:06:54 | Success secrets
2:07:44 | Brian’s summing up.


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