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Watch > Episode > Dylan LeClair - Why Our Money Is Broken & How Bitcoin Changes The World

Dylan LeClair - Why Our Money Is Broken & How Bitcoin Changes The World


Head of Market Research at Bitcoin Magazine

“There is only one commodity on the planet that, no matter how much you try to acquire it, or how many resources you throw at it, to produce or mine it, no more supply is introduced… That’s Bitcoin.”

According to an increasing number of guests I have spoken to here on London Real, the role of the US dollar as the global reserve currency is under threat as a result of continued mismanagement, something which has significant ramifications for monetary policy decisions made by the Federal Reserve.

For today’s guest, these decisions highlight the interconnected nature of global monetary systems, and as we enter the final stages of a debt supercycle that he says has lasted roughly eight decades, it becomes evident that the current monetary order is nearing its endgame.

With that, comes the need for a new paradigm to fill the impending void, signalling a potential shift in the global financial landscape.

Dylan LeClair is passionate about human freedom and economic empowerment in the digital age and spends the vast majority of his time researching and educating others about the beneficial properties of Bitcoin.

As a prominent market analyst, writer, and blockchain expert, Dylan has dedicated his most recent years to understanding and promoting the transformative potential of Bitcoin, and as the Director of Market Intelligence at UTXO Management and co-founder of 21st Paradigm, he aims to help businesses and individuals incorporate Bitcoin into their capital allocation and business strategy.

Dylan’s journey into the world of Bitcoin was sparked by a deep-rooted curiosity about finance and a knack for numbers. His transition to fervent advocacy of Bitcoin was catalysed by his realisation of the systemic flaws within the current financial infrastructure.

With a keen eye for macroeconomic trends and a firm belief in Bitcoin’s ability to disrupt the status quo, Dylan is on a mission to educate and empower individuals to embrace Bitcoin as a tool for economic freedom and empowerment.

Dylan sees Bitcoin’s potential to serve as a neutral reserve asset for the global economy and something of a peaceful solution to the current corrupt financial system, offering a decentralised alternative to government-controlled fiat currencies.

His insights have garnered attention from the mainstream, where his regular contributions to Fox Business and CNBC, have solidified his reputation as a leading macro analyst in the crypto industry.

For Dylan, the opportunity to spar with detractors, and challenge the prevailing narrative have earned him kudos among the Bitcoin hardcore, while his articulation and steadfast commitment have garnered an army of loyal followers.

Indeed through his writing, speaking engagements, and consulting work, Dylan consistently manages to dismantle misconceptions and inspire others to join the Bitcoin revolution.

Dylan believes our monetary system is in a state of disrepair, with traditional fiat currencies succumbing to inflation, manipulation, and centralised control. For Dylan, Bitcoin’s value transcends short-term price fluctuations, and emphasises the importance of understanding the inevitable devaluation of fiat currencies over time, stressing that Bitcoin provides a hedge against this relentless erosion of value.

In discussing the impact of the Bitcoin ETF, Dylan highlights its potential to enhance market liquidity and transparency, paving the way for greater institutional adoption. He sees the ETF as a crucial step towards mainstream acceptance of Bitcoin, signalling a shift towards a more robust and regulated crypto ecosystem.

Looking ahead, Dylan envisions a future where Bitcoin becomes a cornerstone of the global financial system, serving as a bulwark against the devaluation of fiat currencies. He believes that as Bitcoin continues to gain value and recognition, it will play an increasingly pivotal role in challenging the supremacy of the dollar.

“I think we we kind of forget this in our Bitcoin ecosystem, like very few people have put in the time to deeply understand this at a technical level, at an economics level, and oftentimes when confronted with this reality, people reject it, because you have to check your ego at the door, and spend a lot of time relearning fundamental truths that you thought you knew, which were actually wrong about money, economics and finance.”

I’m delighted Dylan is finally joining us on London Real, it’s been a longtime coming and a conversation that couldn’t be more pertinent than it is today. With the Bitcoin ETF approval and the halving upon us, the time really is now for everyone to gain a better understanding of cryptocurrency and of course the value proposition of Bitcoin.

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