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Dr Shawn Baker - The Carnivore Diet: Eat Steak Every Day To Get Mentally & Physically Stronger


Co-Founder of Revero

Today I welcome back one of our most popular former guests and a man who in typical London Real fashion is no stranger to controversy, but someone who has the utmost conviction in his beliefs that has seen him gain widespread notoriety and in equal measure popularity after the release of his groundbreaking book.

Dr Shawn Baker is a world record breaking athlete, international speaker, podcast host, former orthopaedic surgeon and author of the bestselling book The Carnivore Diet.

Shawn is also the founder and CEO of Revero, a revolutionary healthcare program that is transforming people’s lives by addressing the core issues of those suffering with long term chronic disease and a host of less talked about but equally stubborn inflammatory issues that plague millions of people from all walks of life.

Shawn’s life is a fascinating one, long before you consider this most dramatic of lifestyle choices. He spent a number of years serving with the US Air Force as an orthopaedic trauma specialist, which included tours of Afghanistan, where the true horrors of war were laid bare in his role tending to severely injured soldiers.

Whilte spending the majority of his working years as a fully qualified Doctor of Medicine, he has also competed in an array of strongman and powerlifting contests, breaking a number of world records and utilising that undoubted physicality became an unlikely Highland Games champion. On top of this and in another unlikely twist that’s in keeping with his off the beaten path approach to life, Shawn played semi-professional rugby in New Zealand for a number of years, an unexpected journey for an American but hardly surprising for a man standing 6’6 tall and weighing in at the 260 pound mark.

However, somewhere along this epic yet unconventional journey through life, Shawn realised that his body had grown tired and ineffective. As he moved into his fourth decade his long term approach of “train hard and eat whatever you please”, was no longer serving him and he began to suffer with sleep apnea, hypertension and metabolic syndrome.

After researching diet changes, Shawn came across a small but dedicated group of meat-only enthusiasts online, who extolled the virtues of this radical shift in dietary perspective. He dived straight in and the results for him were incredible. Gone was the sluggishness, cravings, constant hunger, sleep issues, aches and pains, replaced by an energetic, fully functioning human that felt half his age.

“We’ve seen chronic pains go away, and a desire for life return… For some people, the changes have been downright miraculous. People who have given up on life and suffer from chronic depression have seen profound reversals in their mental states.”

Shawn was sold, and dived well and truly down the rabbit hole. Research followed and alongside it a desire to spread the message far and wide. Shawn wrote ‘The Carnivore Diet’ and almost immediately realised that so much of what we know about chronic disease and inflammatory conditions was wrong. Our diet full of processed foods, sugar and unnecessary additives was wreaking havoc on our constitution. The process of elimination, getting back to our ancestral basics was the key to survive and thrive.

Shawn inevitably ran foul of the plant food diet and vegan lifestyle protagonists, a war of words that continues apace to this day. But, it is his steadfast belief that animal protein is one of the most powerful tools that can help anyone reach and maintain a healthy body, and that by simplifying our diets, everyone of us can achieve peak physical performance.

He has a devoted following that includes at times Joe Rogan, but a more strict and dedicated adherent in Jordan Peterson. His YouTube channel further reinforces his commitment to the cause. 
It’s a radical perspective, but a compelling one all the same. I thoroughly enjoy Shawn’s company – he’s a man who faces life head on and pushes himself to the limit in everything he does. I think no matter your perspective, today’s interview will give you much food for thought, whatever your dietary preference.

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  1. Ultra processed foods and obesity rates
  2. This is what I ate today
  3. Do we need fiber in our body
  4. Why fat is not bad for you
  5. The carnivore diet is more accessible than you think
  6. Why global veganism is not practical
  7. The #1 killer of vegans is heart disease
  8. Joe Rogan’s experience with the carnivore diet
  9. Doctors are just dealers for big pharma
  10. Plant based burgers are processed garbage
  11. No more meds
  12. Getting you addicted to processed food
  13. The power of Jiu-Jitsu
  14. Be honest to yourself about your health
  15. Don’t listen to me, just try it yourself


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