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Watch > Episode > Dr Roman Yampolskiy - AI Apocalypse: Are We Doomed? A Chilling Warning for Humanity

Dr Roman Yampolskiy - AI Apocalypse: Are We Doomed? A Chilling Warning for Humanity


Professor of Computer Science at The University of Louisville

“If we create general super intelligence, I don’t see a good outcome long term for humanity.”

Artificial intelligence has rapidly become one of the most important topics of our time. Its transformative potential is unparalleled, promising advancements in healthcare, finance, education, and more, while simultaneously raising profound ethical and societal questions.

Experts debate its role in job displacement, privacy concerns, and the ethical implications of autonomous systems, while governments and international bodies are grappling with how to effectively regulate AI to ensure it benefits humanity without compromising safety or freedom.

With all this in mind, I’m delighted to welcome a man who is leading the debate around safety and security when it comes to the exponential progress we’re currently seeing in AI research and development.

Dr. Roman Yampolskiy is a renowned AI safety expert, tenured Professor of Computer Science at the University of Louisville, and Founding Director of the Cyber Security Lab, one of the world’s leading research centres for computer and network security, biometrics, and forensics.

Dr. Yampolskiy’s work focuses on the crucial task of ensuring that AI, as it continues to evolve, remains safe and beneficial for humanity. To that end, he has long been a voice of concern, raising awareness about the potential dangers posed by unchecked AI development.

His groundbreaking research explores the implications of artificial superintelligence and the necessity of developing robust safety measures. With a keen interest in AI consciousness and the ethics of AI deployment, Dr. Yampolskiy provides a unique and deeply informed perspective on the future of AI.

Dr. Yampolskiy has authored countless publications including multiple journal articles and his research has been cited over 1000 times by scientists from various fields and profiled in popular magazines like the New Scientist, Science World Magazine, and websites including the BBC and MSNBC.

He has published numerous books including ‘Artificial Superintelligence: A Futuristic Approach’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security’. His latest book, ‘AI: Unexplainable, Unpredictable, Uncontrollable’ looks at the existential risk posed by AI as one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced.

Dr. Yampolskiy explains that no other technology has the potential to both enhance our capabilities and threaten our very existence and believes we must address some fundamental questions about intelligence, consciousness, values, and knowledge before outlining a clear set of guidelines and regulations.

Can’t we simply “pull the plug” you might ask? According to Dr. Yampolskiy that won’t be an option. AI will be cloud-based and stored in multiple copies, therefore it won’t be clear what exactly to unplug. To make matters worse a superintelligent AI would anticipate every way possible that this could happen and find ways of countering any attempt to cut off its power.

Dr. Yampolskiy explains that once AI is able to improve itself, it will quickly become much smarter than us in almost every aspect of intelligence, then a thousand times smarter, then a million, then a billion.

“Think of squirrels trying to figure out how humans would control them or kill them…a system a thousand times smarter than a human would be able to do things we cannot even comprehend.”

To be clear, this is a warning and one that Dr. Yampolskiy has been offering for a very long time. As we find ourselves on the precipice of an enormous change to how society operates, the reality of the consequences at stake have never been more obvious.

Dr. Yampolskiy believes governments and international bodies must act quickly to regulate AI. He argues that a coordinated global effort is essential to establish standards and safeguards to manage AI risks as the pace of AI development outstrips our ability to stay ahead, making proactive measures and continuous monitoring critical.

While AI undoubtedly brings potential for good, it also poses significant dangers if misused. From deepfakes to autonomous weapons, the applications of AI can have far-reaching and potentially destructive impacts if not carefully controlled.

“We are facing an almost guaranteed event with the potential to cause an existential catastrophe. No wonder many consider this to be the most important problem humanity has ever faced. The outcome could be prosperity or extinction, and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.”

Do not miss this huge conversation, I can’t wait to sit down with Dr. Yampolskiy and explore the ethical implications of AI. This conversation is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of AI and the steps we must take to ensure it serves humanity positively.

Make sure to tune in as we unpack the complexities of one the hottest topics of our time with one of the leading experts in the field. Please share this episode with friends, family, and colleagues who are interested in the future of technology and its impact on our world.

“What contributions do you think you could make in a world where superintelligence exists?”

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  2. The risks of AGI
  3. Centralised versus decentralised AI
  4. If the AI is not safe, then don’t do it
  5. The AI will ignore its training data
  6. I understand human evil, but not machine’s
  7. Why we ignore the AI threat
  8. My message to the world
  9. People don’t want to look up at their demise
  10. We’re living in a simulation
  11. Can AI have consciousness
  12. Our kids future will be unrecognizable from ours
  13. We need narrow AI systems only


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