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Dr Philip Zimbardo - The Stanford Prison Experiment


Professor Philip Zimbardo is a American Psychologist and Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, famous for being the creator of the legendary Stanford Prison Experiment. He has spent the past 50 years teaching and studying psychology, and run the non-profit organisation, the Heroic Imagination Project, which teaches people to make heroic choices in their everyday lives. He has written over 600 publications and 60 books including The Lucifer Effect – How Good People Turn Evil and Shyness: What It Is, What To Do About It.


00:00 | Trailer
03:34 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
06:07 Brian’s introduction
07:02 Why Philip Zimbardo and Christina Maslach visit London biennually
08:46 Philip’s background and early life
16:55 What Stanley Milgram’s electric shock experiments revealed about human nature
29:29 Stanley’s experiment was considered the only unethical experiment, until Philip’s
32:46 Philip’s prison experiment and its later connection to Abu Ghraib
42:10 Why behaviour deteriorates so quickly and becomes sexual
49:59 Philip’s role in the experiment, why and when he stopped the experiment
1:01:51 Would the same thing happen today, and what would happen using only female participants
1:04:09 The gradual slippery slope towards evil, as was seen in Nazi Germany
1:05:49 The current horrific rise of right wing political movements in Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Trump, Putin
1:06:16 Philip’s view on who is attracted to right wing, national isolationist opinion and why
1:09:09 The fall-out and aftermath of the prison experiment
1:12:19 Looking back on the experiment do some hate him for it
1:13:41 The shocking images from Abu Ghraib prison of guards’ torture and abuse of prisoners
1:25:21 Situation can corrupt almost all of us
Self-knowledge is the main protection against going to the dark side
1:27:53 The current state of male masculinity depresses him
He is sounding the alarm
1:37:24 What is driving Philip
1:41:38 What keeps Philip awake at night
1:46:46 Success secrets
1:47:42 Best advice ever received
1:49:48 Advice to the 20-year old watching
1:51:37 Brian’s summing up.


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