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Watch > Episode > Dr Marwan Alzarouni - Dubai Is The Merchant of Hope: How We Are Building The City Of The Future

Dr Marwan Alzarouni - Dubai Is The Merchant of Hope: How We Are Building The City Of The Future


CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center (DBCC)

“We are a city of merchants. We are run as a business, we run for businesses to succeed, because their success is our success.”

Dr Marwan Alzarouni is an internationally recognised blockchain expert, keynote speaker and strategic advisor. As one of the Middle East’s most well-known crypto pioneers, he has been at the forefront of supporting and promoting blockchain technology within the region.

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, few individuals stand out as prominently as this man. What he and his team are achieving in Dubai is pushing the boundaries, testing the limits of our imagination and reimagining what the cities of our future might look like.

Dr Marwan boasts a career spanning over two decades, marked by significant contributions to emerging technology, information security, digital forensics, and artificial intelligence.

Alongside being the Strategic Advisor to Digital Dubai, Dr Marwan is also the CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Centre. If anything sums up Dubai’s commitment to the technology of tomorrow it is the Blockchain Centre, a place where educators, investors and developers come together to share thoughts and ideas.

Cointelegraph named Dr Marwan in the Top 100 most influential people in crypto, and with such lofty goals as making the UAE the global leader in blockchain innovation, while ensuring Dubai is the happiest place to live on the planet, it’s little wonder why.

Most significantly, Dr Marwan is currently the Strategic Advisor at the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, testament to his wealth of experience, vision for the future and incredible efforts he’s made in bringing the smartest and sharpest talent in the world of technology to work here in Dubai.

Thanks to Dr Marwan’s work, Dubai has become home to the world’s first made-for-purpose regulator, the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA). Rather than imposing traditional financial regulations onto crypto, VARA was developed collaboratively with stakeholders, fostering a regulatory environment that encourages innovation.

In the midst of these achievements, Dr. Marwan remains focused on the community’s success, emphasising the city’s commitment to enabling businesses and contributing to their narratives. As a city of merchants, Dubai operates with a unique ethos, running for the success of businesses because their success is inherently tied to the city’s prosperity.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Dr. Marwan’s leadership, vision, and commitment to innovation position him as a central figure in shaping the future of blockchain technology, not only in Dubai but on the global stage.

I’m really looking forward to finding out what else Dr Marwan has in store for the future. With so much happening in the world of technology, crypto and AI, this is sure to be an enlightening conversation!

It’s so important to be well informed and aware of what the future holds. There’s money to be made, investments that need to happen and opportunities for growth, and there really is no better time than right now to get yourself up to speed.

“We want to challenge you to think outside of the box. There is no box in Dubai, we are here to push the limits,, we are here to work together rather than against each other, to accomplish great things.”

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