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Dr Koert van Mensvoort - Next Nature


Artist, philosopher and scientist Dr. Koert van Mensvoort joins Brian Rose in the London Real studios to discuss his concept of “Next Nature” where technology becomes so omnipresent and uncontrollable that we start to perceive it as nature of its own.

Covering topics as diverse as why Holland has a history of creating its own land and nature, and his thoughts on the history of money including the recent innovation of the Bitcoin, Dr. Koert van Mensvoort is an important voice around areas such as speculative design, which makes for a fascinating conversation. Watch now!

As the founder and director of the Next Nature Network, an international platform that aims to stimulate debate on the relationship between humans, nature, and technology Dr. Koert van Mensvoort’s work explores the area of “Next Nature”, which refers to the nature caused by human culture and technology.

His ideas are centred around the Next Nature Philosophy, encouraging critical thinking about the impact of technological advancements on our daily lives, environment, and perception of what is considered “natural.” The philosophy challenges traditional notions of nature and explores the symbiotic relationship between the natural and the artificial.

Dr. van Mensvoort is also known for his involvement in speculative design, a creative and conceptual approach to design that envisions possible futures and explores the implications of emerging technologies. His work often includes the creation of thought-provoking scenarios and prototypes.

As part of this, he explores techno-ethics, delving into the ethical considerations surrounding the integration of technology into various aspects of society. This includes addressing ethical questions related to artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and other technological advancements.

Dr. van Mensvoort is involved in educational initiatives, including lectures, workshops, and collaborations with academic institutions. These initiatives aim to foster critical thinking, creativity, and awareness about the changing relationship between humans and technology.

As a speaker, he delivers talks and keynote addresses at conferences and events, sharing his insights on topics related to the future of technology, the environment, and the philosophical implications of our technological choices.

Dr. Koert van Mensvoort has been involved in artistic installations and projects that use creativity and design to provoke thought about the impact of technology on our lives. These projects serve as tangible expressions of his ideas and concepts.

He has contributed to various publications and written articles that explore the intersection of technology, culture, and nature. His writings aim to stimulate conversations about responsible innovation and the implications of technological progress.


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