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Dr Joe Dispenza - Break The Habit Of Being You


Dr. Joe Dispenza is a New York Times best-selling author, international lecturer, researcher, and educator. His focus on the intersection of neuroscience, epigenetic, and quantum physics, driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness. He teach people to rewire their brains and recondition their bodies to make lasting changes. His latest book Becoming Supernatural, explains how Common People are doing the Uncommon.


00:00 | Trailer
02:50 Brian’s thoughts on the episode
03:59 Brian’s introduction
04:16 Joe Dispenza’s talks are very popular, what is it that people are searching for
09:11 The reasons why the science of what he espouses is so important to him
11:19 Most people wake up and start their day reaffirming their entire state of being in the familiar past
15:07 Your past predicts your future
Most people want to break that but don’t understand the technology
21:11 How he explains the healing miracles which they are seeing at his week-long events
27:34 How people can break their reactionary cycle to make the first step forward,32:59 If you’re not defined by a vision of the future, you’re left with the memories of the past
35:57 Many people have had trauma in their lives: how Joe helps them at an event
47:29 Is Trauma passed down through generations and DNA
53:24 Joe’s family background and his upbringing
1:00:18 The stallion paddock philosophy
1:03:01 How Joe introduces his ideas to young people
1:11:37 Children and young people addicted to their phone is a major problem
1:16:44 The importance of learning how to self-regulate
1:18:39 The qualities of a good leader and why currently the world lacks them
1:24:13 Possible reason for why people across the world appear to be fighting against each other
1:27:10 It is an amazing time to be alive
1:29:26 Retreat from your life for 45 minutes a day
1:31:01 The legacy Joe wants to leave to this world
1:34:08 How bad does it have to get before we wake up
1:36:06 What scares Joe
1:36:55 How Joe is enabled to cope with the volume of work he does
1:38:31 What keeps him awake at night
1:42:43 What Joe and his team achieve at his events, is now so unbelievable, it mystifies him
1:45:44 Joe’s advice to those who feel a desire to break out and participate more in what he speaks of
1:48:37 Success secrets
1:49:02 Brian’s summing up.


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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